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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Munchkin Turns 2!!

Okay, it was LAST month, that this event happened…. but better late than never!  Actually, what’s motivating me is that this month we are celebrating Jabber Jaw’s birthday.  I couldn’t put photos up of that, without having posted about our littlest guys celebration.  No way!  Besides, Tiger Shark’s tooth photos have been up here for way to long.  Seriously.

SO our little munchkin loves Elmo.  He loves to sing/say “Elmo” at different times throughout the day.  He is actually just getting into Sesame Street.  For awhile there, no TV show was of any interest to him…(only the cords BEHIND the TV).Davids Birthday 018

Naturally, I wanted to do some kind of Sesame Street themed celebration.  I was originally going to do Cake Pops, that I saw HERE.  But everyone got sick with the flu, and so we were lucky to find a day that everyone felt well for Munchkin’s party.  (We celebrated it a week and a half late…. shhhhh……  he doesn’t know.)  Anyway, those cake pops were sooo not happening.  I really wish I had time to make them, but I chose instead a simple 3 tiered cake.  I made a white icing, and decorated the heck out of it with sprinkles, candy and fondant.  It was my first 3 tiered cake.  Here are some photos of the day. 

Davids Birthday 029


Sesame Street Pinata

Davids Birthday 032 

Elmo and the presents

Davids Birthday 038


Pin the Nose on Elmo Davids Birthday 010


Davids Birthday 063

Davids Birthday 095

 Blowing out the candles!!  Looks like he had a little help…..

david and Dad blowing candles Presents- One more Goodnight Moon book.  (We now own three- but you can never have too many of his favorite book!)

Davids Birthday 111

Davids Birthday 122

 Cookie Monster who actually eats cookies….

Davids Birthday 125

 Tentatively feeding him a cookie…. (still holding his favorite book though)

Davids Birthday 130

 The best shot I could get of all the crew….. 

Davids Birthday 023

At the end of the day…. Munchkin had a BLAST!

Davids Birthday 110


Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! He is so darn cute!!! Cake looks amazing! I thought it was store bought:)

Kris said...

The boy and his cake are adorable!

Dede said...

Did you make the cake? It looks awesome! Happy Birthday, looks like it was a happy day for all. ;-)

Mamosa said...

That cake looks incredible, Jackie! You need to seriously consider doing that on the side (you know, when you have some spare time...).

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