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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The King Fish

This is my dear husband. We have been married 15 years (this year)! Here is a little about him, how we met, and why I gave him this name.

Originally he wanted the name Tiger Shark which ultimately went to our firstborn son. He wasn't getting that name mainly because I didn't think it fit in my mind... and since it's my blog... I got to pick the name I wanted. I chose The King Fish, because one it had to be an actual fish. (Not my big deal, but his). The other obvious reason is that he is the head of our household, the king of the castle so to speak... and so the name worked.

Now having used the phrase "King of the castle", some might evoke images of a King in front of the TV relaxing in their man cave. And while my King Fish may have those tendencies from time to time... he is usually on the go. He's a civil engineer by day, while evenings and weekends keep him busy with our family life. There is always some type of project to do around our house, since we love to remodel it. Currently he is working on our yard and the swingset. (Which reminds me I need to post photos over on my other blog). He also coaches the boys in three sports, (football, basketball and baseball) which keeps him busy enough trust me! When he isn't remodeling or coaching, he's volunteering at our church and even helping me around the house. The man does laundry, dishes, changes diapers and don't tell anyone but he has been known to sew also. Shhhhh.

I know how blessed I am.... trust me!! God definitely put the two of us together. As to how we met.... well we met country line dancing many moons ago. There are two sides to the story of how we met.... both The King Fish and I have quite different variations.... and disagree most vehemently. But I will say he was my cowboy hat wearing boyfriend....He was a long legged drink of water! lol! You still might find us taking a two step around the kitchen to the amazement and amusement of our children. :-)


Nekey said...

I never knew that about you. :-) How sweet.. and too funny that you have different versions! I love your new blog.

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