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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The one with the knocked out tooth….

I just posted how last week was a really rough week. 
Well in the midst of all that happened that week, 3 of my 4 children were in bed with high fevers and flu symptoms.
One of my children also had a stomach bug…..
And not all at once either…
NO, that would be too easy, to just get it all over with at once. 
No, this little virus spread itself out over a period of 2-3 days.
Thankfully it only lasted about 48 hours for each child… spread out over 2-3 days each. 

And here is also what happened that week……
Tiger Shark Tooth Loss Blog

Not sure if you can see it, but Tiger Shark’s front tooth is knocked out.  The one next to it was chipped too. 
Poor kid! 
He gave me his permission to post this photo on here.  (Thanks son!) 
He and his brother had spent the day playing at their friends’ house. It had been a quiet day of Lego Robotics, and Monopoly. I stopped by to pick them up and as usually happens, I got into a conversation with their friends’ mom.  Needless to say we can talk awhile!  So the kids went outside to play tag.  I just had a feeling something was going to happen, as they chase each other hard, and there yard is not open and grassy. It’s got tight corners, tree roots, paved walkways and a concrete driveway.  Several months ago Tiger Shark took a nasty fall playing tag, and I thought for sure he broke his shoulder. He was okay them, but this time he broke his tooth. 
It happened so quickly, one minute he was fine, and the next he was wiped out with his tooth broken into many pieces.  Naturally it was a Saturday evening and all dental offices are closed. My heart just sunk when I saw his permanent front tooth, and my mind just started racing thinking about what to do.  Surprisingly, with four boys, this was our family’s first experience with broken teeth.  Tiger Shark was so worried about losing his permanent tooth, but his daddy knocked both of his front teeth out, so after hearing from The King Fish, he felt a lot better.  I called our dentist’s emergency number, and they got back to me later that evening.  Our dentist actually met us at their office on Sunday afternoon, so they could remove the nerves and pack the tooth, and start him on an antibiotic.  He went in for the rest of the work the next day.  Tiger Shark was a trooper through the root canal, and the insertion of the post and new tooth.  I was so proud of him and how brave he was.
There must be something about boys and knocked out teeth.  I grew up with just me and my sister, and I would die of mortification to go out in public with my tooth knocked out.  But for a boy it must be like a right of passage or something…. battle scars.  He went to church the day after it happened, and was smiling the whole time.  He really handled the whole situation well, and I couldn’t be prouder. 
Here he is below, the proud owner of a new front tooth.  Love that boy!

Tiger Shark New Tooth Blog


Troy and Rachel said...

Oh.My.Goodness! I believe you would have had to put me in a mental institution if all that had happened to me in a couple weeks time. You're a strong woman and a great mom! (I may sound 80's but I just gotta say this) --Rock On Jackie!!

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