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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Welcome to our youngest Munchkin!   

Xmas Photos 019

People are always commenting on how beautiful our little guy is.  “What a gorgeous baby”, they will say.  Many can not believe that he came from Russia. Munchkin is generally a happy baby.  He sleeps so well, and wakes up happy.  I love that about him!  Especially because I am not a morning person, and his smile makes me smile in the morning. 

Munchkin is a very active little guy.  When he first came home he had to be into everything.  We still keep gates up everywhere.  Friends of ours couldn't believe all the gates we had up just for our littlest guy.  I’m sure that most people just let their kids roam over all the house, but there are too many small things to get into, Legos and books, and magazines etc.  Munchkin is learning to climb now, and likes to climb the outside of the stairs.  He holds onto the baby gate and hoists himrself up the first stair and hold on and rock/jump.  He's also the first child to climb out of a crib easily!  What?!?? Not sure what the future is going to hold with this one... but it will be interesting that is for sure!


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