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Monday, November 28, 2011

Jabber Jaw Celebrates a Birthday!

Gosh, it seems like we have been celebrating a birthday every other day here… but it’s just my lack of blogging in between birthdays that makes it seem like they are so close.  Regardless, our family celebrated Jabber Jaws 12th birthday.  It’s hard to believe that next year we’ll have TWO teenagers in the house! 
It’s always a busy time of year anyway, and then add to the fact that our family is still sick, we had a football tournament…. and well…. we were lucky to catch a free day to celebrate!  But we did! Here are some photos to mark the occasion…. Jabber Jaw’s last year of the kid menus and 12 and under prices.  (Okay, I’m just being a smart aleck).  :-)

Thanksgiving Zach Bday 016 Presents and a football for the football theme

Thanksgiving Zach Bday 007 Balloons!
Thanksgiving Zach Bday 025 Brothers…. today they are friends… Little did either one know they would both have 101 degree fevers the next day.
Thanksgiving Zach Bday 034 The cake!  I did not make this one.  This used to be his favorite from a local bakery, but Jabber Jaw informed me that the cake I made for the King Fish was much better than this one…. Next year, I will make his cake.  I love these candles!

Thanksgiving Zach Bday 046 Opening his “fake” present.  We thought he saw one of his presents, that he was dying to get.  So we wrapped up a DVD of Barbie Swan Lake and had him open it…. just what ever 12 year old boy wants for his birthday!
Thanksgiving Zach Bday 049Opening his real present…. Star Wars Battlefront I, II and Republic Commando.

Thanksgiving Zach Bday 050 Obviously he is in shock!  He was just hoping for one of those, but Amazon had it in a 3 disc set for the PC.  (Much better than Barbie!)

Thanksgiving Zach Bday 057 Lovin’ his new Dolphins Sweatshirt…
Thanksgiving Zach Bday 056
Always the ham…. but he had a great day!


Jeanette said...

Cake looks delicious to me!!! Happy birthday to your adorable son!

Blog is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love the expression of shock you were able to capture. That is priceless!

(Love your new header, too.)

Barb said...

Wow - lots of birthdays! Hope your guys are feeling better now:)

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