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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jabber Jaw

This name says it all doesn't it??? No it's not an actual name of a fish.... but in this case the King Fish didn't mind, because it fit our son to a tee. I wish so badly I had a picture of the Jabber Jaw actually talking... I'm surprised I don't!

Jabber Jaw is probably the most animated in the family... (gee now I wonder where he gets that from?) He is a talker...but he is also very expressive and at times theatrical. He loves an audience (when he wants one) and can play to the best of them! Jabber Jaw is a natural born leader and I'll find him taking control, corralling boys who are even older than him. He's also a sensitive child who really cares about his family and friends. He's the one who's got your back... and he's the type of friend you want. He'll be there for you, but don't cross him or one he cares for, because he won't like it.

He is my talker and also quite an imaginative child. Thus it can make schooling him a bit difficult. If he isn't talking my ear off, when I want him to get something done.... he's staring out the window dreaming of winning some sports event. It's quite a challenge trust me!

Jabber Jaw is also WAY into sports. I mean into them! He loves to play sports and watch them on TV, and he is very animated when doing either. Until recently when we reduced our cable TV channels and went to just your bare bones basic... we had ESPN and ESPN1 and ESPN2. Oh let me tell you the boy was in heaven! He naturally has his favorite teams, but it really doesn't matter. He could be watching Czech Republic and Moldova playing water polo and the kid would be jumping up and down, twirling a towel and cheering for whichever of those two is his favorite team. You can't imagine how fired up he gets for the teams he actually follows. Our neighbors and friends and occasionally strangers will hear all about whatever sports event or sports news he has seen on TV... and he can go on an on.... (poor unsuspecting folks!)

Sometimes I just hold my breath, because you never know what will come out of his mouth. When he was in 2nd grade, Jabber Jaw loved to talk sports smack with his two Sparks leaders and they were young guys who graciously indulged him. He was always talking about his favorite teams and how his teams were gonna beat their teams etc etc etc. Well one Sunday at church one of his Sparks leaders came to me cracking up! Uh-oh not good....... Seems that my son proceeded to tell him as loud, clear and enthusiastically as possible...... that when he grows up he's gonna go to a Braves game and go to the Bud Garden and drink some beer!

He said what??? Oh my! I can just picture the other Kindergarten thru 2nd grade parents as they ask their child what they learned at church that evening. "Oh Mommy we heard about the Braves and the Bud Garden and maybe when we grow up we'll drink some beer there." lol!

(And for the record we have been to 4 Braves games and he has never been to the Bud Garden. But they show it all the time on TV as they interview people, and he thinks that is cool. And also for the record I don't have a problem with people drinking beer, it's just my 2nd grader promoting the Bud Garden in church that makes me want to crawl into a hole). :-) Jabber Jaw indeed....


Nekey said...

Oh my.. that's funny... out of the mouths of babes. LOL

I have a talked too.. I bet you can't guess which one it is. :-)

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Jabber Jaw talking smack about his favorite sports teams? Oh, he and Garrett would get along great! All the teen boys at church generously put up with Garrett. I paid for piano lessons for him a couple of years ago and all he and his instructor did was talk about football. I don't think he learned a thing, but he sure had fun.

Jabber Jaw's leadership skills and ablity to easily make friends will take him far in life.

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