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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One of those nights….

This evening was such an exercise in frustration for me… I just need to vent.  Tiger Shark wanted to go to church this evening to attend the middle school program.  I know he enjoys that, and I typically have no problem working our schedule so he can go.  My plan is to hopefully have Munchkin adjusted to the nursery so that I can go to a Bible study class once a week as well on Wednesday evenings.  Anyway, Jabber Jaw also wanted to go to the kid’s Wednesday evening program.  So, I cooked dinner earlier than usual, fed everyone in record time, threw sweatshirts and shoes on the little guys and headed out the door.  We couldn’t stay because Small Fry is still running a fever, and coughing and sneezing everywhere.  He is most certainly contagious.  Munchkin also has a nose that is running like a faucet, so I was just going to drop off the big guys and run home.  The little's could play for awhile, and then we’d all go back to pick up their big brothers.  Except that on our drive home I got a call from Tiger Shark.  No middle school program this evening…. because of the mission’s conference.  By this time it was close to 7:00pm, so there was no point in driving home, and I wasn’t going to have the little's sit in the car the whole night.  So, Tiger Shark came in the car, and I ran into get Jabber Jaw who was not thrilled about leaving.  Two frustrated kiddos in the car waiting patiently and not so patiently for Jabber Jaw.

We went home, and I let everyone play for awhile.  But Small Fry chose again for the umpteenth time to be unkind to one of his brothers today.  We had many talks about it throughout the day and about his choices.  He had some time in “time out”, apologized to every brother at some point today, and shed many a tear today.  The last incident was with Munchkin, and so I told Small Fry it was time for bed.  Oh the tears that followed, but he truly was given multiple chances throughout the day.  He was done, and so he marched up to bed, and has been sound asleep since I tucked him in.  Hoping for a better day for him tomorrow… please let this consistency be sinking in!

I then laid Munchkin down after rocking him.  He fell asleep again in my arms.  The big guys and I began to attack the kitchen.  Dusting the space on top of all the cabinets and also dusting the ceiling.  You should have seen the dust flying in that room!  We moved onto the next area in the kitchen and were having a ball just talking and laughing with each other.  But I guess we were too loud because we woke up Munchkin.  He woke at 10:00pm, and would not go back to sleep.  I sent the big guys to bed, and went in every 10-15 minutes to try to rock/console/help my little guy back to sleep.  I finally rocked him one last time around 11:45, and he must have tuckered himself out because he fell asleep in my arms again.  Thank goodness we head to the pediatrician for a well visit tomorrow.  (Even though he has a cold).  I am not convinced his ear infection is getting better after this second, different antibiotic.  He’s been so clingy lately, you just wouldn’t believe it…. I can scarcely believe it myself.  It’s a good thing, but he’s not my usual happy baby.  I also just read that kids typically start cutting their 1st molars between 12-16 months, and his are not in yet, and their cusped start between 16-20something months.  Maybe he’s dealing with an ear infection and he’s getting a mouthful of teeth.  I better buy some more Motrin!

So, I never did finish the kitchen.  And my evening with the big guys, just hanging out and talking, was cut short.  We went to church, but left early, and we are still dealing with sickness and crankiness here.  (And I promise that it’s not me….UGH!)

The King Fish is away this week, and returns tomorrow.  I am anxiously awaiting his return!  I so need his help in shouldering some of this responsibility.  I am praying that Small Fry’s fever breaks and am thankful we have a Drs appointment tomorrow.  I’m praying for Munchkin and his ear, and feedback from the Dr concerning his ear infection and teething.  Did I mention that I am also getting my permanent crown put on tomorrow?  Such joy! 

Hoping and praying that tomorrow is a much better day in so many ways!


Flamingo said...

awww..hang in there. it is days like this that one asks themself, "and i had 4 kids because.......":)

Barb said...

Hope things have worked out and everything is going much better now. You are in my thoughts often!

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