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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are you done yet?

Ever since we brought Munchkin home we’ve had many people ask us, “So are you done yet?”  A year ago I might have said, “Yep… we’re done…”  Except that God has thrown wide open my heart for orphaned kids, and my desire to help.  Here’s what I know about our family.  Were not perfect by any means…. but I know we have a great deal of love to give.  And I know that even though the house is kind of tight right now… there is definitely room for one more… (even two).

Does that mean we are actively pursuing adopting again.  No.  We have some debt to pay off with this latest adoption.  Plus, we are all still adjusting since Munchkin joined our family three months ago.  Quite frankly the King Fish is not even ready to entertain the idea until munchkin has been home for 6 months.  Wise man. 

But I definitely have been praying about this.  I can’t even begin to describe to you how God has thrown open my heart to orphans… even older orphans.  I’m not sure in what capacity He might direct us.  I’m not sure if it won’t be for a season much further down the road….  But I do know that I can’t close the door on this area of my life.  If God called us to another adoption, I do believe we would obediently walk where he calls us to walk. 

I loved one answer from a blog I read recently.  When asked by friends or acquaintances why she wanted to add to her already large family through adoption…. her answer was simple, and to the point.  “I just can’t stand the thought of children living in an orphanage without a family.”  I can so relate to that comment!  Especially since I know we have a family ready and willing to lavish a child in love. 

So, for now I guess my response will be…. “There’s still room for one more…..”

Happy Wednesday!



Barb said...

Love you, Jackie! You have an awesome heart:)

Check out Rachel's recent post . . . it may be something you're interested in . . . http://alwayswanted4.blogspot.com/2011/02/you-could-do-this.html

Melissa said...

I can certainly relate to you. I so wish I had the resources for more but not yet. Hopefully one day. We had said we'd wait 2 years and see, but our two years just ended. I am wishing to begin an adoption soon.

Craig and Phyllis said...

Oh, that makes me smile to read that! I've talked with Craig about that before. All I can say is that it would have to be a very clear calling from the Lord, like it was last time. : ) My heart would do it in a heartbeat, my flesh is saying "Are you insane?" : o) But, maybe God has a different plan, too.

Troy and Rachel said...

Me too! (That's all I've got right now!)

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