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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

living room 023

That’s what I’ve started writing on my kitchen chalkboard every Tuesday night.  It’s the first thing the kids usually see in the morning, and it makes them smile.  I should probably put up a Scripture verse each week too… but honestly I haven’t thought of that until this moment.  Consistency is not my forte, so I feel pretty good that for two weeks in a row, Happy Wednesday got put on that board! 

We are all slowly coming around from having the flu.  It is taking a while for Small Fry to lick it.  The rest of us still have lingering colds and coughs that are just nasty.  I am listening to one of my two little guys cough on the monitor right now, though I can’t distinguish which one it is.  I have the monitor out in the hallway between all three rooms, so if anyone cries in the middle of the night, I can hear it and go to whoever needs me.  (Praying for this little one’s sleep now…. I think it’s Small Fry and he really needs his rest.)

I’m feeling better, and have made it my goal clean these germs outta here… and spring clean while I’m at it.  I’m not even going to focus on the upstairs until I know all fevers are officially gone.  This week, I have decided to take one room a day on the first level and deep clean.  The only problem is cleaning with a 16 month old is Not very productive!  Especially when he has a runny nose and wants to be held all the time.  So, naptime, and between the hours of 8am-midnight is cleaning time.  Yaahooo!  (Slight sarcasm)

The big boys have been helping me in this major project.  We started out the first day in the living room, and dusted and cleaned our hearts out.  (Baseboards too). I even broke out the steam cleaner and cleaned the carpets, which hadn’t been done in forever.  While I was at it, I re-arranged picture frames and figurines I collect.  Just placed everything in different areas of the room, and I’m happy with how it turned out.  These are the Willow Tree figurines that I just love. 

living room 013

 living room 014

This is a figurine, like the Willow Tree that I collect, only it was made by one very special person.  Tiger Shark did this last year as his final art project and gave it to me for Mother’s Day.  I think it’s such a good job for 11 years old, but even more significant to me is how it depicts him with me and the King Fish.  It reminds me of how special and loved he feels, and that of course makes my heart happy!

living room 016

Finally the mantle where I put all the photos.  They used to be on the piano, but I actually like them here.  The only thing I don’t care for is the mirror over the fireplace.  You can’t see it in this photo, but the fireplace insert is black, which looks nice with the black frames.  Maybe I’ll turn the mirror, and paint it white or black.  Maybe hang a pretty wreath on it.  It’s definitely a work in progress right now…. 

living room 006

Back to cleaning….This evening we focused on the dining room and entryway.  Wood floors are in each area, so I broke out the Murphy’s Oil Soap.  I love the smell of Murphy’s Oil Soap!  So Clean!  I have these dining chairs from Ikea, that I’ve had for at least 7 years. I found them on eBay when we lived up north.  They are called Henriksdal and are slipcovered in a microsuede-type of washable material.  Let me just tell you, these suckers are amazing!  When my kids were toddlers, they could drop Spaghetti on these chairs and those slipcovers would still come clean.  They are a beige color so I never use bleach, I just wash, air dry and Voila! They always turn out looking practically brand new…..The slipcovers come in different colors and textiles as well, so it’s easy to change up the dining room if I wanted to spend a little money. 

henriksdal chair2

So, today I washed all these covers and put all new felt tabs on the bottoms of the chairs, so my wood floors won’t get scratched.  If anyone out there has an idea or product for felt protection tabs for under chairs let me know.  I’ve bought several different brands and they fall off pretty quickly. 

Tomorrow evening I’m supposed to be working on the homeschool room, but I’m just not sure I am even ready to tackle that yet. 

Ah, well… sleep calls…..One more load of laundry and I’m off to bed.  It will be Wednesday when this posts, so Happy Wednesday! 


Susan said...

Now wouldn't you know that just today I was searching for chair glides!! I found these and am seriously considering buying them for my kitchen chairs.


Mama Fish said...

LOL! Susan! Why does it not surprise me that this idea comes from you? Some of my best ideas I get are because you direct me to places on the net. Covering a caned chair...and remember the carpet patch?? If you get them before me tell me what you think.... Thanks for the link! ~Jackie

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