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Monday, October 25, 2010

Back Home…

Some more updates… first I have a cold.  I have to look back and see if I had a cold the week or two before we were to pick up Small Fry.  If so, history is repeating itself.  I want to feel good when we pick up our new son.  And when I have a cold I feel awful!  I’m not one of those people who just gets a little cold and then it goes away.  Oh no!  My cold is full on, yuckiness.  (My computer is saying that yuckiness is not a word, but it is NOW.)  Anyway, when I get a cold, everyone knows it.  My nose becomes nasal and as red as Rudolph.  It is pitiful really.  I am sooo praying that this goes away in 2 weeks so I can feel good when we leave to pick our munchkin up!  I bought the ingredients to make homemade chicken soup…. hopefully that and vitamin C and rest will kick this to the curb.

Hmmm… I’m just realizing that our Munchkin had a cold when we visited him on Thursday.  Wonder if I got this from him, or if that time frame is too short.  Doesn’t matter really, and I’m inclined to think it came from the airplane.

In other news… we are scrambling this week to attack our schoolwork with a vengeance and even try to get ahead in their away from home classes.  Hopefully this week the boys will completely surprise me with their ability to focus.  (I can dream right??)  Football is in it’s final week (I think) and so we have practice and playoffs etc.  We have Small Fry’s 4 yr old Drs. visit this week and the day after that, is his 3rd post placement report.  (Ie: social workers visit).  Oh, and have I mentioned that I am also trying to plan a birthday party for my Jabber Jaw who turns 11 when we get back from Russia???  Pure and utter chaos here at my house!  (Literally and figuratively!) 

One week after we return from Russia with our newest member of the family, we will have Thanksgiving here at our house.  It’s a tradition.  But unlike most people who have family in town ours comes and stays overnight.  I want to point out now that my house is so not ready, nor will it ever be ready, short of a miracle form Merry Maids, who we do not use, nor can afford to employ for this purpose.  I wonder if they would take payment in Marriott points.  We certainly have a surplus of those…..

But I have to say, I love that my family is coming and what timing to see our new son!  My mom and dad have been such a huge blessing watching the kids for the two weeks we were away on the first two trips.  We could not have done this adoption without them!  My sister has listened and prayed with me as I have shared my heart and fears over the phone.  There is something about sisters…. she is SO there for me.  She also is a great cook and loves to be in the kitchen.  I on  the other hand hate it, so that is why Thanksgiving works so well!  She totally cooks at my house and I entertain and make things look pretty.  My mom (who likes a tidy house) goes around and cleans up after us in the kitchen, while she is cooking.  It’s amazingly like a clock that works all together, but no one ever planned it like that, it just is the way we are.

Anyway, better news than that…. some of our best friends are coming to our town for the first time ever at Thanksgiving!  I will totally do a separate post on that because it deserves it.  We met this couple when we were all first married.  They are very very dear to our hearts… and they are coming here!  They actually have family in the town over, but we will see them before and after Thanksgiving!  Suzanne is even going to help me decorate after Thanksgiving for Christmas!  So, despite all the craziness ahead, it will be filled with dear family and friends…. and that will make all the difference!

We will be making lots of memories…. that’s for sure!  But for now I am off to bed, to rest up and hopefully get rid of this cold.



Our Russian Adopted Princess said...

Yes, hoping you get better soon too. I know how crazy houses can get with 4 boys and football, and activities. Can't wait to see a picture of munchkin and his brothers all loving on him. Sally

Carey and Norman said...

Congratulations on court! So glad you have that behind you. I pray that the next two weeks go by quickly and you are able to rest before returning to bring your new son home!

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