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Thursday, October 21, 2010

It’s Official!

The little munchkin is ours!  We were officially declared his new parents in a court of law this morning, and we will fly back in two weeks to pick him up.  Court was uneventful, but I have to say it is always nerve-wracking when you go through it.  I was ready to throw up before we went in there because of my nerves.  The court secretary remembered us from 2 years ago, and she was very nice.  Our translator was wonderful as usual. The judge was young and new…. he was all that was proper, and showed no emotion whatsoever.

We went to the orphanage afterward to visit with our munchkin.  He was so hesitant this time.  I hate that we missed two months with him and impressionable two months because of the 1 year old deal with our region.  He still has a cold and his breathing is so raspy I can’t stand it.  It made me want to take him immediately to our pediatrician and have him evaluated pronto. I kept telling him 2 more weeks…. 2 more weeks. 

Guess what?!?  Our little man is walking!  That’s right walking and doing such a great  job of it!  He is definitely a little guy, like Small Fry is, and his full head of dark hair… Oh my goodness…. one word!  Haircut!  That’s all I have to say!  He will definitely be visiting the barber when we get back home. 

He was not feeling well today and had a runny nose and big tears to go along with his big eyes.  I’m hoping that the next 2 days will help him to bond with us a little more for when we come and pick him up for good.  He still wanted to be held, but he also was willing to go and walk to get a toy or walk to me.  He loves to just throw toys too!  Just throws them over his shoulder…. luckily there was no one behind him. The King Fish got him to laugh again, and it is such a cute giggle! I loved hearing it!

I’m beginning details for our final leg of this adoption journey.  It’s the craziest one… and I’m focusing on one thing at a time.  It’s funny the judge asked how I felt about taking care of four children, and would I be able to take care of four children.  I almost laughed…. definitely smiled…. and wanted so badly to say “It depends on which day you ask me….”  However, I gave an innocuous comment about how the spread in age of my kids really helps, and it’s not like I’d be taking care of 4 toddlers at one time.  They all seemed satisfied with that answer.  However, I know that as much work as the paperwork for this adoption is, and all the details… it’s really nothing in comparison to the daily life of raising a child.

When I was a new mom, our Pastor asked me to speak on Mother’s Day.  He asked me to say what motherhood meant to me, and share what I had learned over the past year.  I had an almost one year old, so I was just completing my first year as a mom.  I had come to know during that first year that “carrying my child for 9 months was actually the easy part, the real work began after my baby was born.” There were so many more women who I looked up to, and who were more qualified to speak about motherhood.  These women had been in the trenches for years…. while I was just completing my inaugural year as a mom.  But over that year God began to teach me that my life that revolved all around me, that was “self-focused” would begin to change.  He began to show me my own selfishness, and began to teach me and change me, as I cared for this new little precious gift He had given me.  Lessons in the trenches of motherhood are so hard no matter what stage you are in.  And yet they can be so fruitful as well.  They changed me immensely as a person and I know that I’m in for even more change. 

Change can be hard, but God is faithful.  He molds me and shapes me as we go.  It isn’t easy… I know that… It’s kind of like a rollercoaster…..I’m nervous, and even a little bit hesitant, afraid of the unknown…. but I’m willing to get on the ride.

I’m looking forward to welcoming our newest addition to our family….



Our Russian Adopted Princess said...

Congratulations! Believe me, from a mom with 4 boys, there will be many a day when there will be burping contest, farting contest and anything else that they can compete in! can't wait to see a picture of the new fish! Sally

Dede said...

Congrats! Look forward to seeing your beautiful new baby boy!

The Denoves said...

Yeah....this is so exciting and such a blessing:) Congrats.

Carrie said...

Congratulations!! So happy for your family!!

Jeanette said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Can't wait to see a picture of your new addition!

Carolynn and Steve said...


Congratulations! I'm so glad that all went smoothly, and prayers for healing for the new munchkin!

Happy Dancing HERE!

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Congratulations! With four boys the fun seriously never ends. It will be great for Small Fry to have a little buddy. I think that four was so much easier than three because they definitely pair off and no one is left out. Oh, how I would love to adopt another little girl to give us an even number again. I guess Lexi will just have to always be MY little buddy.

I loved your post, Jackie, you have a wonderful way with words!

Maggie and Randy said...


Lance and Summer Sims said...

I am so happy for you! I am praying that these 2 weeks will fly by so you can get your munchkin home and treated for his cough! My husband and I are still trying to keep our faith in God's plan- even though it has been so hard lately. I am just praying that God has a master plan on how to work all this stuff out so we can one day, finally be in your shoes! I know He's working something- praying for your guys xoxo, Summer www.what-faith-can-do.blogspot.com

Michelle said...

Congrats!!!! Hopefully the time between trips flies by!!! Have a safe trip home!!!

Troy and Rachel said...

Congrats!!! So, so happy for you all!!

Mom2Six said...

Congrats on your new little one!! I found you from The Beadle's new Russian Adventure. Once you are home and settled, we would love to have you join us over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Fortheloveofmykids/ We are a bunch of homeschooling mamas of adopted kids.

Barb said...

Congratulations! So happy for you guys that everything went so smoothly! Can't wait to finally see pictures! Are you taking the boys with you again this time for trip 3?

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