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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The sweet fellowship of a friend….

Today was another crazy day.  I was running around trying to get a last minute document apostilled and back to me asap.  I ran out this morning with Small Fry and we got back in time to talk to our agency on the phone in more depth about the FBI clearance.  My friend Susan arrived a little after 10, to help me in whatever way I needed to get my house ready for my parents and make some homemade meatballs for them to eat while we are away.  I feel like my brain has definitely been scattered lately.  There is literally so much to do, and my boys lives don’t stop…. they keep right on going. 

So, today Susan came in and gave me a big hug (which I needed) just to reassure me that everything was going to be okay.  We then set about quickly cleaning the kitchen up so we could prepare and freeze almost 50 meatballs for when my parents are here.  They will only have to add that to pasta or deli rolls for meatball subs.  After that we began cleaning my very dusty living room.  (Okay, the whole house is really just one big dustball)  No wonder I can tell a difference in the air when we have finished,  It’s just clearer.  Obviously, I need to dust more!

The whole time we cleaned, we talked.  It was such sweet fellowship.  I never feel judged by her.  I always feel accepted and encouraged.  I am so thankful for her willingness to just step out and be available.  I’m thankful that she said, “I will help in whatever way you need.”  But I’m also thankful for her easy going friendship.  I know when we get together the fellowship will be sweet and I’ll walk away wishing that we had more time to spend sharing about life. 

I wish I had a picture of us cleaning, but I totally forgot about the camera, until she was walking out to the driveway to head back to her home.  

Thank you Susan! 



Mamosa said...

I love Susan! Her friendship is such a blessing.

Susan said...

Thank you Jackie (and Michelle). God has been so very good to me to provide such wonderful ladies like you in my life. How could I not want to help in your time of need?

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