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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fingerprint Friday…

As I have posted this week… my fingerprints were rejected once again.  It’s a roadblock but I have been trying to find away around it.  I’ve been racking my brain for ways to get my prints done by a trained technician.  I had the idea to call the sheriff’s department one county away.  I am not a resident of this county and normally they will not take my fingerprints… but this very kind woman took pity on me, and said to come down and ask for her.  She will roll my prints.  I explained to her that she did not have to submit the prints, but that I would take all three copies of them and fedEx them to the FBI.  The nice lady at the FBI gave me lots of suggestions (some I knew) about writing that this is my third attempt on the outside of the FedEx envelope and have a fedEx mailer inside to have them send me the results asap.  I did not know I could so that. 

The lady at the sheriff’s department also had a good suggestion.  Cornhuskers lotion for my fingertips.  So, this evening I have been applying cornhuskers lotion liberally to my fingers.  It’s supposed to raise the ridges of your prints to make them easier to read.  I’m hoping it helps tremendously!  So anyone need to get fingerprinted… there’s your tip of the day!

Just wanted to let everyone know I’d appreciate your prayers for these new prints going in….

Have I mentioned that we haven’t packed anything yet??? 



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