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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The stress is getting to me…

This week has been crazy busy getting ready to leave.  My hair has gotten so long and at my last appointment I just opted for a trim, because I was going to keep growing it.  Except that was almost 2 months ago… and it became like a scarf I could wrap around my neck.  But I don’t want hair to be like a scarf!  And I knew I didn’t have any time to go to a salon and get this long mop cut.  So, Tuesday evening after Bible study with the ladies, I announced to them as they were leaving that I was going to have my husband cut my hair.  Yes, the King Fish.  I told those ladies he was going to cut 5 inches!  Okay, I was kidding, I said maybe 2 or 3 inches. 

Ha!  Let’s just say that my 2 or 3 turned into 4 and 1/2!   I cut the first side to where I wanted it and he cut the second side an inch and a half shorter than my side.  Oh I tell you it was NOT pretty!  Even my boys were appalled! 

So now instead of my long hair, which doubled as a scarf that wrapped around my neck…

…..I have a chin length bob. 

Never again!

Note to self:  When heading into life changing events… you will not think rationally and what you think is rational is NOT.  Hide all  the scissors in the house!

Here is the best photo I could get… trust me it doesn’t look bad in this one… but I have at least 30 that I deleted off my camera because they looked terrible.  :D

What was cut……

Haircut 003


New short haircut….

Haircut 002


Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Oh Jackie, I think your hair looks great! Is Moscow still having a heat wave? If so, you'll be very glad not to have a "scarf" around your neck. I couldn't help but laugh when you talked about not thinking rationally. I remember that feeling all too well. Hopefully, I am laughing WITH you, because I would never laugh AT you. ;0)

P.S. We had our prints done at our local sheriff's dept. It was computerized (no ink) and you could see the prints on the computer screen before accepting. If it didn't look perfect, they rolled another print to be sure. If you have time for a road trip, I can call them to see if they will do it for people who don't live in our county. (Hmmm, actually I may be thinking about our TBI prints. The FBI prints were done in Nashville the old fashion way. But prints are prints, right?)

Troy and Rachel said...

I like it - it looks comfortable, cool and easy - perfect for a mama with 3, soon to be 4 boys!!

Barb said...

Hey there Jackie! Wow - you guys are so busy! Sorry I haven't checked in for awhile . . . I always miss the big news. Travelling to Russia in a week?? HOw did I miss your referral??? Can't wait to hear more!!

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