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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More "Opportunities"

That's what The King Fish calls problems.. "opportunities". And unfortunately we have one.

My FBI Fingerprints were illegible AGAIN. I am running out of options here. I am looking at local authorities in other counties who might be able to roll prints. Mine will not do it. AT ALL. I'm not even going to go into the reason behind this, as it would take too long to write. I think they are misinterpreting a contract with our state... but their is no
federal contract. International adoptions and FBI fingerprint clearance seems to be stuck in the middle somewhere.

I will not be going back to the UPS store that rolled the first two prints. It could be my prints, but it could also be that they don't have trained technicians rolling them. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for me on what to do to make my fingerprints more legible please leave a comment or email me offline. If anyone in our state (TN) can tell me where you got fingerprinted for Federal clearance please email me as well.

Your prayers would be appreciated. We also found out our region has a new judge, and the old judge we really loved has been promoted. We won't know what to expect with this judge at all. But we know we won't be assigned a court date unless we have those fingerprints and all the other documents that need to be updated in Russia. No bringing docs with you for court. No court date will be assigned until the Judge has the docs in hand.

So Please Pray for My Prints. That some local agency would take pity on me as I come with 3 or 4 fingerprint cards to send into the FBI. Also please pray the FBI will expedite my 3rd application. Yes, it will be my third application! They really don't expedite anything there...but maybe if I put a big smiley face on my documents.

(As an aside note... the woman I spoke to today was so very nice and helpful... she totally redeemed my opinion of the FBI. The first girl I spoke was like talking to a brick wall... so this new caring side of the FBI was a relief. Thank goodness I was connected to her.. and TWICE today too!)


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

May seem like a crazy option...but I know that for those who have had to do fingerprints in our county go to the county jail to have them done. You should call your local sheriff's department or take them some cookies??? I have delivered flowers to a lady before to get a letter done...and it works. Take all your kids with you..that helps LOL.

Melissa said...

I'm surprised you could get your prints done at a store. Did you try contacting your police station? That is where we went. For about $5 they did them. That's what we need to do in CT anyway. I hope this sorts itself out soon.

Mama Fish said...

Oh Kristine- Trust me I spoke to the HR Director of our Sheriff's department. They won't do it. I think they are interpreting the contract wrong. I am going to try to go to the next county over to get fingerprinted. I hope they can do it. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. Life is crazy right now. A last minute document too...

Karen said...

Try Catoosa. We had to have our fingerprints when we fostered and they did them for us. Now, that was a few years ago, but it was no problem for them to do it at the jail. That may have been because we were working through the county's social services, but it's worth a try.

Becky and Keith said...

Oh my goodness... you poor thing! Nothing like red tape between state and government. I think that trying another county would be a great idea. Can you call a few to save yourself the drive? I'll be thinking about you and praying for you! Hugs!

Mamosa said...

Does it have to be done in TN? For my TN nursing license, I went to our county jail to get my fingerprints done for clearance. Same thing when I got my GA nursing license, and never a problem. You said that you talked to the Sheriff's Dept., but what about the local police department? Just throwing out options here!

Troy and Rachel said...

Hang in there. We had trouble too getting the police to roll our prints. We finally called the sheriff's office and I got the head guy to agree to it. When we got there they tried to say no, but I gave them the head honcho's name and we got it all straightened out. Keep us posted.

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