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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are we excited?

That seems to be a common question of people we see…  The answer is definitely getting there!  ;-)

After the initial shock.. and it IS quite a shock to get those travel dates… we were scrambling and I truly thought my head would spin off….but things are calming down a little bit.  Those first two days things have to happen so quickly.  Especially when your turnaround time to be in Russia is a little over a week away.  You don’t have the luxury of taking your time to get everything accomplished.  Things have to happen NOW.  Those Visa’s especially and that is what I did today.  I swear when you are flying around trying to accomplish so much so quickly, you just pray you haven’t made a mistake along the way that could hold you up.  Like enter a wrong passport number, or date of birth or anything that could cause your visa to be delayed. This time we were able to do ours online and just send the supporting documentation.  But still I held my breath as FedEx placed the airbill on my letter package and said a silent prayer that it would make it there.

Plus, I was trying to make flight reservations and The King Fish was stuck in a meeting for two hours.  I had three flight choices for us… (really two as the third was ridiculously expensive.)  I pray we have a little more time on our second trip or that we can find a less expensive flight than what we just paid for.  Ugh.  It was a very crazy Thursday and Friday!  Today was much better, because my “take charge husband” was able to help me, and it truly does make everything seem more manageable. 

So, in answer to that question… yes I have to say I am getting excited.  And for me, that is one tough thing to do at this stage of the game.  I am not one to get excited too early.  Really not until we are on the airplane, do I feel semi-excited.  I’m excited to have some time with just The King Fish making some additional memories in Russia.  I really dislike leaving my kids though… dislike is not strong enough… I hate it!  Pray that God would give my parents great energy as they stay with the boys for the week.  My two big boys are a huge help…. but I know our lives…. and it can be tiring.  Pray for all my kids as we are away and especially Small Fry. 

There is still a ton to do, but I also have school to focus on as a priority for my boys.  So, I am working on that for this coming school week, and then it will be back to the lists tomorrow. 



Melissa said...

Do you know what region you are going to? I definitely understand the not too excited part. I was the same way. Not really excited until we were on the plane taking off then it really hit me and I couldn't sit still until we saw Colby for the first time. Keep us posted.

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