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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know that we are so not done with the school year yet. As a matter of fact in some subjects we school year round, (Math Vocabulary and Reading) so that the kids stay up to date on all they have learned. I am hoping to be done with our official school year by the end of May. We will still be doing a little history project, and the subjects mentioned above, but the bulk of our school will be done by then. It just feels good to know we have very little left to do, and that so many of our core subjects are done or are wrapping up.
I'm typing this outside on a beautiful Spring day. The weather is cool, and the breeze is blowing as I sit in my favorite chair. The King Fish is on his way home, and all my kids are playing kickball in the yard with our neighbors. The swing set is in use, and a lasagna (courtesy of Stouffer's) is in the oven. Does it get any better than this? Well, maybe if the Penguins win tonight... that would certainly be the icing on the cake.
Have a great day!


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