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Saturday, May 8, 2010

End of School Year…

I’m sure many people probably are going through the end of year busyness with their kids.  You know what I mean…. field trips, field days, projects, testing etc. etc.  You probably wouldn’t think that as homeschoolers we’d have a very busy end of year.  But since we send our kids out to a few classes outside our homeschooling curriculum, (Science, Creative Writing and Art), we are busy indeed!  Way more busy than I would like!
We have spent the last several weeks finishing up a science fair project.  Can I just tell you that I detest this sort of thing? I love getting creative don’t get me wrong… but the whole Science part of it, is so not my cup of tea.  Bleck.  I did enjoy watching as they boys creatively did so much to their projects.  I’m going to post photos below, it’s really cool!
We have also been finishing up our Art Projects.  Oh this has been fun… (Not!)  Let’s just say, it could have been fun.  Tiger Shark made a beautiful clay sculpture a lot like the Willow Tree sculptures that I love so much.  It really was lovely, and then as it dried it started falling apart.  An arm here, a head there…. you get the picture.  The King Fish (aka Mr. Fix It) had to come in with some epoxy to help put the thing back together.  It just wouldn’t stay.  Perhaps it was the clay type.  But that thing has more epoxy on it now than it does clay!  lol!  Hopefully it will all be hidden with some good old paint. 
Jabber Jaw has decided on the theme of his project, but he has not actually sat down and done it yet.  It does not involve clay, so hopefully it will happen tonight.
Thankfully Creative Writing required very little from us, we are finished for the year!  A note about that subject.  At the end of the year, each teacher at the school chooses a student in their class who excels academically and exemplifies a student leader.  Jabber Jaw was chosen by his Creative Writing Teacher to receive this award for the 3rd and 4th grade Creative Writing class.  Woohoo!  I’m proud of him!   If you remember Tiger Shark won the Young Student Writer’s Competition in our area in March.  Jabber Jaw handled it with grace.  So this will be a nice surprise for him. I’m not telling him until the Award Ceremony this Tuesday evening.  Actually, I may not tell him at all and just let him be surprised!  (Gotta get the camera ready though..)
Okay, that’s caught you up on what’s been going on around here.  It has been crazy busy!  Here are some photos of the two Science Fair Projects.  I am so proud of them.  They typed most everything themselves and printed out all the photos.  They each designed their own games to play as a hands on component that was required.  We helped glue things on, type occasionally and we designed borders around certain text displays.  They really did a wonderful job!
Here is Tiger Sharks Project:
His tri-fold board asking the question,
“Do birds prefer a gourmet birdseed or a generic brand birdseed?”
science fair blog 005
The board game he created.  He painted that tree himself and created
the entire board and concept.  At the end you lift the flap and find out the
answer to our boards’ question.
science fair blog 006
The Game Directions
science fair blog 012
The two game pieces
science fair blog 011
A few of his playing cards- There are about 20 that we laminated.
science fair blog 014
science fair blog 015
science fair blog 016
science fair blog 017
His actual birdfeeder- he took this photo.  :-)
science fair blog 004

Jabber Jaw’s Project:

His Display Board that asks the question,
“Do birds prefer different color birdseed? 
science fair blog 007
His game that he named Bird Seed Land.  I love that!
It’s kind of a cross between Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders.
science fair blog 008
 science fair blog 018
His game directions.  This one he had a little help with the wording from The King Fish.
science fair blog 010
The large die that he painted.  It’s made of Styrofoam. 
His concept was to roll the die and move to whatever color comes up.
   science fair blog 019 
His playing pieces.  His favorite bird seems to be the Black Capped Chickadee.
science fair blog 009
His actual bird feeders before we put them out.  You can see the different color bird seed. 
science fair blog 001
Finally, some actual photos taken by us of the Wild Turkeys who came to visit our feeders. 
They of course just ate the seed that had fallen on the ground.  Pretty cool huh??
science fair blog 002
science fair 004-crop


Anonymous said...

So?!?!? Inquiring minds want to know -- do birds prefer specialty seed or regular?

Congrats to Jabber Jaw on such an exciting honor!

Mama Fish said...

Oh my goodness, nope our experiment showed they don't prefer one over the other. Interesting huh?

Mamosa said...

You HAVE been busy! But oh, how sweet the end of the year will be...

Great job on the projects!

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Great projects and games! I'd love to hear their hypothesis. What was the conclusion on the different colors of seed?

We have way too many turkeys traveling through our yard now, I'd almost be afraid to let the boys try these projects. Very cool though!

Nekey said...

Wow! Great Projects! I am still up in the air about that creative writing class.

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

REALLY great project. I am so jealous that you are done with your school year. We have 1 MORE week. We just finished making a GIANT anaconda for Jiff's science project and the science fair is today...this PM.

Put your feet up girl! YOu deserve it.


Troy and Rachel said...

I'm impressed by their projects and the games they made! I would love to know the answers too!

Flamingo said...

oh my goodness! the RN would just love those turkeys!! of coures being the avid turkey hunter he is, it would not be a happy ending for them! lol

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