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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Balloon Festival

Back when we lived up North, one of our family’s favorite things to do was to go to our local balloon festival.  We are not great lovers of crowds, so we learned early on that to go to this type of thing in the evening with all the people and booths and hoopla was not a fun experience for us.  We spent more time trying to keep an eye on our little kids, than enjoying the balloons.  We figured out that if we went to a balloon lift at 6:00am in the morning, it was so much more enjoyable.  First, there is hardly anyone there; and it’s such a quiet and peaceful time of the day.  We brought blankets and chairs and our coffee and just hung out watching as the balloon enthusiasts did what they love to do!  Our boys were little back then, and they ran around in the grass, or sat on the blankets and watched.  It was way more fun for them too…
We really missed that when we moved down South.  But this year someone on my homeschool web group posted about a festival only an hour away.  So this morning we all woke up at 5am and left by 5:30.  We drove a good distance along back country roads and finally about an hour later happened upon the small sign for the balloon festival.   Because it was so early in the morning, parking was free.  There were about 15 cars there to check it out… including ours.  We drove through an open field, parked right up next to the balloons, and got out and watched!  It was awesome
Here are some photos of the morning….
balloon lineup
balloon festival 010
balloon festival 011-crop
balloon festival 012-crop
balloon festival 016-crop
   balloon festival 019-crop    balloon festival 028      balloon festival 029
balloon festival 030-crop
balloon festival 031-crop 
balloon festival 039-crop
          balloon festival 042-crop
balloon festival 056-crop
 balloon festival 066-crop
 balloon festival 055-crop
balloon festival 070-crop


Anonymous said...

That's really cool! I bet y'all had a wonderful time.

Christina said...

Oh I wish I had thought to do that! My girls would have loved it and I am only about 30 minutes from there. I love the pictures. It looks like so much fun!

Barb said...

Great pictures! OK, so you got me hooked already on the Good Wife. Thanks for the tip.

Now, can you direct me to a place online where I can learn how to make my own navigation bar??

Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - that looks like loads of fun!! I just love hot air balloons and to see them that up close must be so exciting for everyone!

Flamingo said...

we are all so irritated because they ttok the festival away from the park beside our house this year! they would all fly right over our house! it's at the fairgrounds this year...ugh i hope no one goes so they move it back here again. lol

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