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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Young Student Writer….

Recently both Tiger Shark and Jabber Jaw entered a young student writer’s competition in our city. They submitted their entries through the class they attend for homeschool students. They have an incredible Creative Writing teacher, who encourages each of them with the comments she leaves on their writing papers.
We found out last week that Tiger Shark placed in the contest, and we were invited to a ceremony downtown to award all the winning contestants. The King Fish drove in 3 hours (one way) to be here for the event. I love that about my man, he will make every effort to be there for his family, and especially for these important celebrations. Have I mentioned that I am incredibly grateful for him? He rarely reads this blog, so instead of telling you, I need to make sure he knows how thankful and blessed I am. Enough said.
So, anyway… that’s where we were tonight… at the awards ceremony. There were over 4000 entries this year and only about 3% placed in the contest. Each of the winners received a medal and book of all the winning entries. We found out that Tiger Shark placed in both categories… prose and poetry! He was so proud, and naturally we were too. I have to say, I was also very proud of Jabber Jaw who celebrated the victory graciously with his big brother. It’s hard when my two boys are only 16 months apart, and one wins and the other does not. I’m usually concerned about hurt feelings and disappointment. While there was a little sadness, for the most part Jabber Jaw learned a huge life lesson this evening and handled it wonderfully.
Here are some photos of the event:
Young Student Writer’s Chairperson,
Connor Professor of American Literature
young writers contest 009-crop
Tiger Shark receiving his award.
young writers contest 013-crop
Decorated with both medals
young writers contest 015-crop
Brothers and Friends
young writers contest 018
Small Fry during the ceremony… as cute as ever.
young writers contest 016
Both of us with Tiger Shark
young writers contest 022-crop2
The Entire Family
young writers contest 023-crop2


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Congratulations to your budding poet!

Karen said...

Wow! What an awesome accomplishment!! And, that family photo is really nice too :)

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

That is a real honor! I know you must be very proud of both of them. Creative writing is a life skill that will benefit your boys all their life. And I think you are all very blessed to have such a thoughtful husband and father. I bet Tiger Shark remembers that his dad made such a huge effort to be there to support him long after the memories of what he actually wrote about have faded away.

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