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Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Life...

Just a quick post to tell everyone that my company has gone. I'm so sad! My girlfriend came to visit and we went to the awesome True Woman Conference. It was incredible... so affirming, convicting and life changing. I am so thankful for Nancy DeMoss and her team from Revive our Hearts for all the work they did planning such an event!

The general speakers to give you a quick taste were: Dr. Voddie Bauchman, Mary Kassian, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Pastor James MacDonald, Jennifer Rothschild, and KayArthur.

The King Fish took over kids duties for over 2 days.... Lots of biblical truths to ponder and lots of notes to review. Overall, it was an incredibly refreshing weekend, and a great time to catch up and share life with a good friend.

I am blessed!


Barb said...

So glad you had a wonderful visit with your friend! Sounds like the conference was awesome and a good time to recharge your spiritual battery.

Nekey said...

how wonderful that you were able to go and refresh!

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