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Monday, March 8, 2010

Swing Set Rebuild … Part One Demolition

do it yourself 005
This is our old swing set.  It wasn’t too sturdy.
do it yourself 005-crop
See those cinderblocks on the right side.  The swing  set wasn’t even sitting on them anymore!  If my big guys decided to swing, the whole set would rock back and forth…. looking like the entire thing would tip at any moment.  I never let the neighborhood kids play on that thing….. it just was not safe!

swingset-yard 004-crop
So, we began the demolition!  Everything was coming apart to be sanded and rebuilt.

swingset-yard 006-color
Even with a sling on his arm- Tiger Shark was a trooper!

swingset-yard 005
Check out the wood….. it’s lookin’ old.

swingset-yard 014
Tiger Shark –Day 2 – Sanding with his sling.

swingset-yard 016
Jabber Jaw- Taking out all the nuts and bolts.

swingset-yard 012
Everything down and disassembled.
Stay tuned… next up is the building portion of the swing set.  We needed the neighbors to come help on that one.


Melissa said...

What a big project. It's great that you have the boys to help. Mike had his dad help him put up our swingset last year.

Colby will be 3 next month. I am amazed at how much he has grown. He gained 7 pounds and grew 4 1/2 inches this past year. He is now 3 feet tall and 30 pounds! A skinny little guy. It's truly amazing what love and security can do!

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