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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Joy of Boys

Last night we had some friends of the boys stay over. Their dad and mom were heading to the hospital very very early for surgery. To make the morning routine a little easier they asked if we could watch the boys for the night and throughout the next day. No problem! (As a side note these are friends who watched our boys while we headed to Russia on our court date trip....they blessed us tremendously!)

Anyway, last night after a watching Destroy Build Destroy (a total boys show), I sent all the boys up to bed. I had just put Small Fry down in his race car bed about 15 minutes earlier. Once everyone had brushed their teeth and gotten all PJ'd up... I had them come and sit on the beds in my boys room to pray.
Naturally before a prayer was even said there was a lot of talking. Lots of quick stories and questions....

Mrs. ____ , Have you ever skinned a fish?

Me:  Um, nope and I hope I never do! 

Mrs. _____ have your ever  used a BB gun?

Me:  Of course every woman ought to know how to shoot a BB Gun!  And a bow and arrow.  (You know since I'm so ancient living back in the days of the early settlers.  But apparently in my mind skinning a fish should not be in that skills set.)

Mrs. _____ I have a pocket knife.  Do your boys have pocket knives? 

Me:  Yes they do, and I try  not to think about that too much.

Mrs. ______  have you ever gone hunting? 

Me:  No, but my dad is a great hunter... I wonder if he ever wished I learned how to hunt.....

Mrs. _____ Do you remember when we went camping with your boys?  And Mr. _______  and my dad were cooking the fish over a fire....……  and this and that happened…… and it was so funny!

All this "boy" conversation naturally led me to ask the following question:

Me:  "Can anyone burp on command?"

Both friends could, and showed me how.  Naturally I had to show how I too could excel at such a task. My boys proudly told them how well their mother could belch if she had a can of soda in her hand.   (Aww... thanks guys... glad I make you proud.)

Tons of laughter and belching ensued.

And then I heard Small Fry and his little pipsqueak voice through the closed door across the hall.

"Boys Ki- yet."

"Boys Ki-yet!"

So, I walked across the hall and opened the door to his room. He was sitting up in his little race car bed, and asked:

"Mom, what boys doing? Tell them to be Ki-yet."

Completely bypassing the whole burping scenario, I matter of factly explained that we were getting ready to pray. (How very spiritual of me).   Would you like to come pray with us?, I asked.  He enthusiastically said "YES!". (What three year old wouldn't love the opportunity to hang with the big kids well past his bedtime?  Its a dream come true!)

So, across the hall we went.

Four boys sitting on beds across from each other, Small Fry in my lap. Heads bowed praying for their dad and mom, their dad's upcoming surgery and thanking God for the opportunity to have them stay with us. And then each one went  to their separate rooms, and climbed into bed.  Small Fry jumped into his race car bed and snuggled into his covers. 

One last "Goodnight everyone" ...... and all was quiet on the Southern front.

What a sweet moment....
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Melissa said...

Very cute story. I love it! I can't wait to hear stories like that from Colby as he gets older. Right now I listen and try my best to interpret what I hear. I'm getting pretty good at it!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great post! Made me I loved reading it, mainly because I related so well!!! Made me smile so much.Being a mum to 3 boys is so special. I love it. xo

Becky and Keith said...

Ohhhh... how jealous I am! I can't belch to save my life!! Can I send my boys to your house when they need a "cool mom"?? :-) Loved your post - such a special moment for Small Fry and for all of the boys!

Flamingo said...

i love the part where small fry jumped under his covers. i don't know. just picturing him cozy and warm with his family. brings tears to my eyes:)

Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - you can belch on command?! I have never mastered that and I'm totally jealous!

What a funny conversation!!

But the end was precious!

(and I can't wait to see the new swing set!)

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