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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My sweet husband is away this Valentine's Day and it stinks. Well it stinks that he is away.. period. He has been on an 11 day stint where he is from home. Bleck. I've been thinking of my friend Kelly,whose husband is away for months playing baseball in Venezuela. Oh my word, I could not do that! Seriously, I really don't think I could. So hard! I think this is hard, and then I am reminded of her. She's amazing!

Anyway, in light of Valentine's day I decided to post some photos of an idea I got from Andrea over at Babe of my Heart. I have been wanting to be more intentional about affirming my boys, especially the big guys. They have had to step it up with their daddy away and help by being young men around the house. My oldest particularly. Too often I get busy in life and don't take the time to stop for a moment and positively affirm my children. I get tired and worn out...and I miss these moments. Lately I have been acutely aware of how fast they are growing and how that time goes by in the blink of an eye. I want to be intentional about encouraging them and positively impacting them as I "train them up". This was the perfect avenue to do so!

I made felt Valentine fortune cookies. Fourteen per child, one for every day from Feb 1st through February 14th. In these little felt cookies, I put a strip of paper like you would find in a fortune cookie. About 1/2 were bible verses and the other half were positive words of affirmation that I printed out especially for each child. Here are a few photos:

Here is the best shot I could get of the "fortune cookies... don't they look cute!
The King Fish was impressed.

Here are a few verses that were tucked away in each one.
(Sorry about the quality)

Here are some of the affirmations for each child!

Each child had his own jar of cookies. They were small mason jars, and the "cookies" were kind of squished in there. Next year I'll probably find some larger jars.

My children loved these. There is something about having this in
written form, that makes such a difference for my kids. It's one thing to say it, but it seems to have a double impact to have them read encouraging words. They have loved opening these with me, each one taking a turn for some special one- on- one "mom time". My older two boys understand the affirmations, but the surprise of all has been Small Fry. I wish so much I could capture his expression when I hold out the jar to show him it's time to pick a "cookie". His face just lights up and he knows it is special and it means LOVE! Mommy loves him, and God loves him. Precious, precious, precious.... and a great reinforcement for his bonding and attachment.

Today we will be baking cookies and perhaps some cupcakes, because I promised the boys. Church and Awana tonight and then tomorrow after their homeschool co-op classes we hope to visit the King Fish for a few days. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Daddy again. I think Small Fry the most. He asks me everyday.. "Mom? When Daddy home?"

Hopefully soon my sweet son, hopefully soon......

**Edit to add**- So many people have asked for the directions on how to do this project. I got the idea from Andrea at Babe of My Heart... and she gives detailed step by step instructions at this link. Valentine Fortune Cookies She takes amazing photos too.... so enjoy!!

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Andrea Young said...

CUTE!!! I love the mason jars!!!! You did a beautiful job:)!!!

Susan said...

Oh Jackie! What a wonderful idea!! Please pass the recipe for the cookies along. Have a wonderful time visiting King Fish!!

Nekey said...

Wow! What an amazing idea! I may have to do something like it for March.. St. Patricks Day since I missed Valentine's for this one.

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Wow!!! I absolutely LOVE that idea! It sure beats my pink pancakes this morning. ;0)

Chris said...

I love you and miss you so very much. Your fortune cookie idea is so imaginative. You're doing a great job Mom!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. How loved and affirmed your boys must feel. xo

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! Do you have a pattern for the cookies?

Barb said...

That was such a sweet idea. Really hope hubby's work settles down soon so he'll be able to be home more!

Mamosa said...

You're such a great mom, Jackie! I love the fortune cookie idea.

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