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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road Trip? Not!

So I've been kind of quiet here since Saturday. In my last post we were supposed to head to visit the King Fish for a couple of days. We were originally supposed to head up there for Valentine's Day weekend but our area got snow on Friday. Then we thought we might try Saturday, but his part of the state was getting snow! So THEN we thought we would try Monday after the kids co-op classes. They were actually canceled because of snow.... though we didn't even get a flake! But, once again in his part of the state it snowed almost the whole day. There were a ton of accidents on the highway because of black ice beneath the snow. So we made the very wise decision to stay put at home and wait until the King Fish returns. We miss him!!

So what have we been doing this week? Just
livin' life... School, piano, basketball, laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, bills, paperwork, messes.. etc. etc.

We've had some moments this week for teaching life lessons. It's been interesting teaching my boys how to handle a situation when you ask someone for forgiveness, and they don't forgive you. So hard!! We've also been dealing with character issues and have been looking up verses on pride and humility.
I need to look up a few verses for some character issues as well.. like patience. Hmmmm.

There have been lots of great one-on-one times with Small Fry this week. Lots of pretend play and interaction! I think it is really helping his speech. Let's just say that he's been talking up a storm. I
think I'm understanding more and more of it too. He's been hiding in his "house" while his brothers... (The minutemen) go out and fight the British. (Can you tell what we are studying?) They have also been pretend playing restaurant. A box serves as a table, and some lined notebook paper as the menu. Play food and paper plates, plus an old pot and wooden spoon make up the rest of the pieces of their restaurant. I love that my older two children are so creative, as this kind of pretend play is awesome for Small Fry. Plus it gives each of them some individual bonding time with their little brother. The other night as I was rocking him to sleep, I asked him if he had fun pretending with his brothers. He smiled a huge smile and said, "yeah, we play tonado, I hide in house. " Hmmmm..... tornado? The boys laughed when I told them, apparently he got a little confused with the tornado and the British coming....

So, what else have I been doing? Cutting and using my coupons again. I'm just gonna say this. It is worth it! I have been tracking how much I save just with coupons. Do you know how much I saved over the past three weeks? Just with the value of the coupons, not on store sales.... Fifty-six dollars! Yep, $56.00. It's worth it.... time consuming..... but worth it.

And finally- we've all been watching the Olympics, and staying up way too late! Oh well, the winter Olympics (my favorite over the summer Olympics) only come around every 4 years. So, I guess staying up late is worth it too!
LOL! Shaun White and Scotty Lago in the Halfpipe were amazing! Lindsey Vonn winning the Gold was awesome too. Shani Davis skated so well, and was so eloquent in his interview. Apollo Ono, good grief he makes it all seem so effortless. Hockey (men's) awesome! (But we are hockey fans!) Figure Skating, Luge, even curling... (Okay, curling is a stretch for me... but I'll watch it. Not terribly exciting, but it is interesting.)

So, that's how we've been passing the time as we wait for the King Fish to return. Friday can't come soon enough!

Hope your week has been a good one!



Nekey said...

Hang in there.. I love hearing about what you are doing! The pretend play sounds like a lot of fun. When G was smaller I made pretend menus using pictures from magazines and put them on construction paper.

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