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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A "Not Me" Kind of Day

I did NOT go grocery shopping last Wednesday afternoon on senior citizen's day with my three kids, long list of groceries and coupon binder.

One of those three children did NOT have a nap.

While pushing said child in the race car shopping cart (or buggy as it's called here in the south), I was NOT carefully checking out the grocery flyer and my coupons all at the same time for the best deals.

I then did NOT completely ram the back of a senior citizen gentleman who had stopped his cart in the main aisle to discuss something with his senior citizen wife.

He did NOT practically yell "Ow!!" when I did NOT ram him with the cart.

He also did NOT turn around and glare at me despite the fact that a very cute blond three year old stared at him from inside my race car shopping cart.

I did NOT exclaim... "Oh my goodness!!! I am so sorry!!!" as soon as this tragic event did NOT happen.

I did NOT shuffle away mortified while my 10 year old asked appalled, "Mom WHAT were you thinking?? Let me drive!!"

I did NOT feel like my own version of a senior citizen when I heard my child say that to me, nor did I flash forward to what that might sound like in the future when I do become a senior citizen!

I did NOT almost slink away when I headed to the shortest line at checkout only to see the senior citizen I practically did NOT maim standing in that line.

I DID however put on my big girl panties and head to that line and sheepishly apologize again, and suggest that my license to drive be revoked.

His lovely wife DID smile at me and said, "Don't worry his life insurance premium is all paid up!"

Hmmm.... Good to know!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha! That is so funny. I am laughing as it so easily could have been something I would fo shopping with my 3 boys. :) Hope you have a better day today.....xo

Barb said...

Shopping with kids is so hard and distracting . . . especially if you're on a mission to get specific things/use coupons . . . But, you gave me a little chuckle . . . Sorry I laughed at you;->

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Oh Jackie, that was so funny. Hey, it could happen to anyone, right? ;D Sometimes I take my mom to the store with me on Senior day just to take advantage of her discount, otherwise I avoid that day like the plague! I loved the wife's comment.

P.S. I stopped taking all the kids grocery shopping after #3. That was my tipping point. The downside is that I find myself at the store either at 10:00 pm, 5:00 am, or lose my sanity by going on a Saturday.

Nekey said...

Oops! ;) Could happen to any of us you know.

Elisabeth said...

Sounds like me. Only, I can't even go in public without doing something to embarrass myself. LOL

Troy and Rachel said...

I'm putting the blame on the race car buggy - they are way too big and hard to steer. I made the mistake of getting one that I knew I couldn't handle, and I left the store with hardly anything because I gave up trying to turn corners!

Ah well - maybe you can laugh while reading this post over again!

Flamingo said...

that is hysterical that he said "ow!"

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