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Monday, January 11, 2010

Day in and Day Out.... otherwise known as I lead an exciting life.....

Wow! I feel like my posts have been so random lately! I'm sorry about that. It's definitely more difficult with the King Fish away, and my time on the computer is limited. Then when he comes home, our time as a family together is so short, that once again my time on the computer is limited.

This week we start back full swing into school for the older boys. It's going to be interesting, that's for sure! Math, History, Language Arts, and maybe even some Latin. We already started back up in Science, Writing, and Art. The difficulty will be to schedule the time for Small Fry's Tot school. He loves to do that, and I love to see him learn and grow!

I've been doing a wonderful Beth Moore bible study for the second time. I'm learning so much and it's interesting as I hit chapters I didn't finish 5 years ago. It's a study on the fruits of the Spirit, and we just studied Peace. Guess what I will be studying this week? Anyone? Well, it's patience. Boy I guess I could use some patience these days. I want to see evidence of these fruits in my life as a product of my relationship with Christ. I want to see them overflowing as I deal and care for my husband and my kids. That's my prayer, that they would begin to pour out of me.... because of my time in the Word.

And that, is about all I have to say right about now. Well, except that it's freezing here... hasn't been above freezing in about a week. I am also praying that it warms up this week. This northern girl, transplanted to the south, is not used to this weather anymore! Of course when it's sweltering because of heat waves in the summer... I'll probably be complaining too. Hmmm... I better go get in the Word! :-)


Troy and Rachel said...

Yes - life sure is busy these days! Things are freezing here too and I don't know about you, but I feel so much lazier in the winter. I can't wait for spring and summer!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Oh my goodness, are you and I in the same Bible study?!! I'm a little behind. I just got days 1 and 2 for patience done this morning. I'm still trying to absorb last weeks points and was feeling like I really should not leave so quickly to start the next week. But then this morning.... I had to stop myself from trying to go through all the days.

I mwill be so excited to see your comments and feel like I know you a little now!

My homeschooling is pretty rough this go round. It is a whole different world than when I homeschooled my biological kids. I'm hoping it is still adjustments goiung on!

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