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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday- Audio CD's

I know lots of people use audio CD's all the time, but I rarely do. However, that is about to change. This is swiftly becoming one of my favorite little gadgets and it helps me tremendously in our homeschool! HUGE help!!

We are currently reading Johnny Tremain as one of our Read Alouds for history. We actually have a ton of Read Aloud books that I will typically read to all the kids that are a part of history and family reading time. I love this concept, but my voice doesn't. My voice seems to tire easily, and quite frankly some days I could almost put myself to sleep reading. (Can you imagine my poor children?) I also don't retain as much, nor is it as enjoyable as just listening. I much prefer to have everyone snuggled up on the couch with blankets all round. Our living room is where we settle and with the below freezing temps we've had this week, our fireplace is crackling and sending warmth to the coldest corners of the room. I love to just sit and listen to the story of a young boy in Massachusetts; and I love watching each of my own boys expressions change in response to the various story developments. It's been great!

Johnny Tremain has captured the boys attention so much, that they protest loudly when we have to stop and move onto the next subject. I think they could listen for hours! I'm a fast reader, so I don't mind reading ahead when I have to, so that occasionally during the Read Aloud time I could be doing a project one on one with Small Fry. Or if he happens to take a nap, which he is not doing very often lately, I could actually blog, or surf the net while they listen. Shoot, I could even throw in a load of laundry and clean the kitchen.... (let's not get too carried away though).

So audio CD's are working for our family. I'll be checking out whatever CD's I can find at the library. If anyone knows of any places where you can download books on CD, leave a comment! Like I said, this is gonna be my new nifty gadget to help me better manage our time and enjoy our homeschooling!

If you would like to read other ideas visit Kristen at We Are That Family. Also any comments on the napping habits of your 3 year old? Leave them as well! I think this napping thing will actually have to be another post. Yep... I see it coming.



Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Our boys enjoyed reading Johnny Tremain too! We still use audio books in the car when running around town. One of our favorite series is the "Adventures in Odyssey" from Focus on the Family. Now you can download almost all of the Odyssey episodes on itunes for $1.95 per audiobook (but they are only about 25 minutes long.) All our kids LOVE these stories!

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