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Monday, September 14, 2009

Quiet Mornings...

Most morning when we wake up the boys and I will have a Quiet Time reading our Bibles. Tiger Shark and Jabber Jaw take their Bibles and journals and head to a quiet area of their choosing. Small Fry stays in the schoolroom with me. Typically I will spend time reading at my desk and journaling, and Small Fry sits in his cozy spot with pillows and reads his little Bible.

This is how the conversation goes:

Me: Small Fry, Mommy's going to read her Bible and brothers are reading their Bibles too... we're going to have a little Quiet Time.

Small Fry: My Bible too?

Me: Yes, You can read your Bible too... why don't you get it off the bookshelf?

Small Fry: (holding up his little Bible with a huge smile) " My Bible!"

He then proceeds to look through his Bible pointing to the things he knows. When he's done with this... it's onto the nearest car he has available.

He was so cute one morning I had to snap some photos.

Reading his Bible

"All done Bible.... cars Mama??"
"Maah-om - another picture??"

Silly Boy- who I love so dearly!


Gretchen said...

Stopping by via Mom Monday at "My Cup2Yours". Beautiful "small fry"! Homeschooler? We are-tons of work, loads of fun. I'm a northerner who spent 10 years in the south and learned to cook while there thank the Dear Lord -then came back to 4 seasons! Love your theme!

Dan and Alicia Marlowe said...

We do something very similiar. Dima does like you describe Small Fry doing. I LOVE to see even these beginning glimmers of enthusiasm for things of God. Keep it up mom - this is the most important thing you teach them all day long! :)

Troy and Rachel said...

Quiet mornings are so nice! What nice photos and I love that Small Fry has his own Bible.

Nekey said...

Oh. My. Goodness. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

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