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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Falling Bricks- A funny story- updated with photos

This is funny.. and if I had a picture it would be even funnier.

Today I drove by our next door neighbor's house and noticed their brick light post was completely knocked down. I mean as in toppled over. They have a huge RV and it was parked right next to the light post thing and so my immediate thought was, "Oh no! He hit his brick posts.... that stinks!"

I passed it on the way back from church again and had the same thoughts. He must've backed that RV right into his brick style lamp post.

Fast forward to this afternoon.... the neighbor (who is nice enough, though he and his wife pretty much keep to themselves) comes walking up my pathway. I saw him through the window and so I went into the living room to tell the King Fish that the neighbor was stopping by to see him. I was thinking maybe they were tired of all the tennis balls landing over their fence from the kids playing baseball.

Imagine my surprise when my husband jumps up and tells me, "Oh yeah, I knocked over his lampost with the truck..."

WHAT???? Are you kidding me! You did that????

I was just too dumbstruck and the neighbor had alread arrived and was talking to The King Fish.

Apparently it happened a few days ago at 7am in the morning. The thing must have been on it's last legs or had been bumped before, 'cause the King Fish told me he barely tapped it when he was backing up to turn around. He literally could not believe the whole thing fell over. He did tell the neighbor's wife immediately and asked her to have her husband stop by when he had a chance.

Go figure! I have wanted to have a brick mailbox type thing put in the front of our house for the longest time, but dh said we couldn't afford it. It's never been high on the priority list.... So now we get to pay for someone else's! Yay!

:-) Ya gotta laugh.... right???

P.S. Our neighbor already moved all the bricks over to his fence, or I would surely have taken a photo to post on here. I still might take one of what's left. I keep joking with the King Fish to be careful when he's driving and to not let any lamp posts jump out at him.... He's so not living this down!

P.P.S. I scraped the side of the garage once pulling in, but this is so much better. lol! I laughed and told him that this is definitely blog worthy.... :-)

P.P.S. You didn't think I could let this opportunity pass without snapping a photo? I wish I had snapped it earlier so you could see it toppled. These are just the brick remains. And you know I had to do this... payback for the darling husband who moved my van while I was grocery shopping.


Barb said...

That is really funny. Too bad you don't have a picture for us!

Dan and Alicia Marlowe said...

Man! That stinks.

Tracey said...

Oh man. That is so funny. I actually told a girl at Publix what your sweet hubby did moving your truck. She said it happens all the time. Funny!

And I'll have to say - we all have our own stories of car "incidents" that we don't want to own up to. I once pulled up to a plaza to drop off some mail. I opened the door and sat there a second getting my stuff together. I took my foot off the brake and realized (too late) that I hadn't put the van in park. It rolled forward just enough to crash the door into the pillar. Ugh!

Peculiar said...

Okay, this is too funny! How do you forget to tell your wife you hit the neighbor's mailbox or post?! Wow!

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