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Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday....

I did not go to Target and pay full price for the last pair of Lightning McQueen rainboots from the Cars movie for my two year old son. Nope not me.

I then did not allow that same toddler to completely run and jump and practically wade through puddles to keep him occupied during his older brother’s football game. A game which lasted an hour and a half. No not me.

I then did not allow my son to lay in the sopping wet grass under an umbrella while he played “house”…. Just so I could watch the last 4 minutes of my oldest son’s first winning game. Not me again….

I also did not forget my camera and therefore did not miss every opportunity to document this memory making day. (One brilliant mama).

I did however snag a photo of his boots online. Does that count for anything???

Yeah, probably not.

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Nekey said...

at least he played in rainboots.. my girls were playing in the "river" running down my street barefoot. *gasp*.. and don't ask me how many times I have forgotten something at home lately and had to turn around and get it. Important things like driver's license! :-)

Mamosa said...

Love it!

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