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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Been Going On?

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted. Obviously a few things have happened in our household.

1. We started school. This just takes precedence over any blogging time. I'm really enjoying homeschooling this year, and I'll share all about the things I am loving in another post.

2. Football Started. This week we had practice 4 days ... typically it is only 3 days a week. The boys are on different teams, so keeping Small Fry occupied during the 2 hour practices has been interesting. This week because of point #4, I'm more tired than usual, so I pretty much let him run around pretend driving his car. (That's him pretending to drive a car, or be a car I'm not sure).

Monday he drove his car through every puddle you can imagine. By the end of 2 hours he was one big sweat ball from the humidity and his feet were drenched from the puddles. Tuesday the puddles had dried, so he went out to the pitchers mound of an empty ball field with his little hot wheels cars. He just sat in the dirt and ran that car everywhere. When he got tired of that he started to scoop up dirt and put it all over his legs. Thankfully he stopped there and didn't attempt his hair. Naturally a bath was necessary both nights. Tonight we lucked out and it stormed with lightning and thunder, so they called practice a half hour early. Yay!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but The King Fish is coaching Tiger Shark's team. I'm not really thrilled, but there was really no one else to coach. (Two coaches backed down at the last minute). Football is the King Fish's sport, and I know he enjoys it.... it's just time consuming.

3. Awana started back up. It's been a crazy few weeks getting everything ready for Awana. So many little details to figure out. I've been up to my ears organizing the Sparks stuff, and that has taken quite a bit of free time. Thankfully that will eventually level out once we are in a routine every Sunday, and I can gain some hours back for blogging.

4. Finally, The King Fish has been out of town for work. This week more than usual, as he has been gone 5 nights. By the time I get Small Fry bathed and ready for bed, (late because football runs late) and get the other boys showered, fed etc.... I'm just way too exhausted to blog. And really, who wants to hear about my silly ol' schedule??? (Which apparently I still feel the need to share with you) :-)

So, that is why you haven't seen me blogging much this week. I have SO many pictures to post of the things we have been doing in school. I just need some moments to slow down, and pull my thoughts together so I can share them! Soon friends, soon!


Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Jackie, I was just thinking about you and the boys. I am amazed that you can make it to all the practices and get anything done at home with the King Fish out of town! I love Fall so much but it does seem that with all the fun activities starting up again, it always flies by too fast.

THIS was the year I was going to let my boys play football and wouldn't you know they decided to stick with soccer. At least soccer only practices one night a week which still leaves time for music lessons (which is important since we're working around school schedules now). But we LOVE football too. I'll just have to live vicariously through your football guys so be sure to post LOTS of photos this season!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie - this is Lisa's friend from E'ville... i was just checking Lisa's blog and followed the link to yours (i didn't know it was yours - it took me a moment to figure out the "Fishbowl" connection - duhh!!) Anyway, i just spent the last 2 hours reading every single post from this and your previous adoption blog. i have soggy tissues to prove it. What a treasure to read your story. My own DD's adoption was domestic so it was entirely different in every way except the heart. i can fully understand the emotions you've expressed, and say "Yes! That's right!!" to every scripture you've stood on. God is so good - ALL the time, even when life doesn't feel good. i'm glad Small Fry is blossoming and adjusting. i could especially relate to your observations about his meltdowns/lashing out/retreating to his private world - it makes perfect sense to me that those are/were his way of processing the trauma of his early life. In fact, although it seems opposite, it's actually a reasonably good sign that he was acting out like that - it shows that he finally feels secure enough to be ABLE to express and process his emotions. Your love and stability gave him the safe place to finally open up and let out the pain of his past - only a 2 year doesn't know what it is he's feeling, and doesn't know how to say "i'm grieving over my sense of loss and rejection and displacement; can you help me process that?" and so he gets ugly instead. We can talk about that some day..... Glad there are many good days and lots of fun things going on in your family. Blessings to all of you! (sorry i made this so long!)

Troy and Rachel said...

Busy, busy!! Troy works away from home during the week sometimes and it makes everything much, much harder and me way more tired so I completely understand and I only have ONE kiddo!! Sounds like things are going well though! Good to see a post up!

Tony and Dawn said...

Glad to read an update and catch up on everyone. I lost all of my bookmarks! Anyway, glad to hear things are going well.

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