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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid....

If you know those words from the commercial airing on PBS, then you've discovered where we went yesterday. As I mentioned in my last post, I was testing the older boys last week. Standardized testing. Typically we do this earlier in the year, but with our transition back from Russia and adding Small Fry to our family, it got pushed back. Mainly because we finished school later this year. So, despite the sunshiny days, and knowing it was summer... I was proud of how they focused and handled the testing.

They've also been stepping up with the chores we've been doing around the house. Between the two I decided it was time for a fun day! I have a whole 'nother post about "fun" on Monday... But for now I'll leave you with some photos of all three of the boys having a ball at Chuck E Cheese.
This is his favorite ride! This picture is the first ride of the day... he actually rode it close to 15 times! Did you know that it prints a photo every time? I now have 15 pictures of Small Fry and the big mouse.
The big boys..... just arrived and tokens are burning a hole in their pants pockets!

Small Fry and the Bob the Builder ride... he loved it! (Can you tell?)

Jabber Jaw and Mario Cart racing... we just can't seem to get away from that.

Tiger Shark and Small Fry riding a kiddie coaster together.

Tiger Shark and Small Fry earning tickets together.

Jabber Jaw and Small Fry riding the same kiddie coaster. It was a little too much for Small Fry by himself, so he wanted both brothers to ride it with him.

Glazed over look after three hours of fun... "Mom can we go home now?"


Carolynn and Steve said...

What fun pictures! And the last one is such a good one for remembering a LONG fun day! So glad to see that Small Fry is doing so well! Hope that mama is too!

Troy and Rachel said...

What great photos!!! I love little ones smiles!!

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