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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Early Morning...

Note: I wrote this yesterday morning... it was such a full and busy day that I am just now getting around to posting it... whoops! And for the record... I did need a nap.
This morning I had a dermatology appointment at 7am. Yes, that's right 7am! It's hard to get any dermatology appointments around here... and I think most places are booked all around the country. Seriously, dermatologists are in high demand. So, if anyone reading this blog is in med school and has yet to choose a specialty... dermatology is a good choice. You'll definitely have a practice when you get out.

Anyway, back to my 7am appointment. I just posted Here that I am not a morning person. Waking up at 6am and heading out the door by 6:30 was an interesting experience! No coffee mind you until after the appointment, to keep my skin from being exacerbated. Here are some things I noticed at o' dark thirty in the morning.

The weather in beautiful early in the morning down south. This time of year days are so humid... disgustingly so... that I prefer to stay inside. However, early mornings are delightful. Seriously, it almost makes me want to get up extra early to enjoy it!

Traffic is very light. I sat at a light and marveled at how the other half lives getting up early for work in the morning. It's quiet out, and peaceful, and as I mentioned above cool. I saw one gentleman pull out in a convertible with the top down and a cigar in his mouth. I chuckled thinking that he definitely knew how to enjoy his mornings. lol!

My appointment was the quickest I've ever had. In and out, no wait at all. I guess that is what happens when you are the second appointment of the day. On the way home I watched a man jogging on a well traveled side street. He came upon a fast food bag and paper cup lying on the side of the street. I watched amazed as he stopped jogging, bent over and picked it up and put it in a plastic bag he had with him. He jogged to a four way stop, found some more and picked it up. Amazing. I know it doesn't sound all that amazing... but I was amazed that he cared enough to do that. I mean it wasn't his garbage. And so I went home thinking that every time I drive on this road, I'll remember that it's probably this guy jogging every morning that keeps it clean.

So, now I'm home and have had a least one cup of coffee. The King Fish is already at work, and I'm ready to take the kiddos to the place with the big mouse. (No not Mickey). They have worked very hard on their standardized testing this week, and have managed to keep up with their chores. So, we'll get there early before the crowds and leave before it gets busy.

It should be a fun day, though I'm expecting I'll need a nap by 2pm....


Troy and Rachel said...

Are you napping now?!?!? It's 2:11! Good for you getting up so early - it's hard, but I always try to get my appointments first thing in the morning - less or no wait. Have a great day!

Nekey said...

J's favorite ride is the Chuck E Cheese taking pictures too. :) Sounds like the kiddos deserved it!

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