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Friday, July 17, 2009

Buy Local...

This time of year is a favorite for a lot of people. Fresh vegetables and fruits are available at the local farmer's markets. Quite possibly many are reaping the benefits of their own backyard gardens as well! I see lots of advertisements to "Buy Local". Not just for other goods and services, but particularly for produce... to support the local growing communities.

I had every intention of doing the same... especially as I was talking to a long time friend, and she was sharing about the benefits of local honey on seasonal allergies. I had heard of that before, and had bought local honey for the past two years, mainly because it was a pretty good price. I don't think I was fully cognizant at the time of the benefits to someone with allergies.

Well Tiger Shark takes after his grandpa on my side and has seasonal allergies. This year has seemed the worst! As I was speaking to my girlfriend it suddenly dawned on me that this is the first year that we haven't been using local honey. So, upon our return from vacation I had it in my mind to go on a mission in search of local honey.

My beloved Publix let me down on that one... no local honey to be found, and trust me I asked. My next stop was Bi-Lo. I've purchased local honey from there in the past, so I knew there was a good chance they might have it. I sent The King Fish to the store with a list of 4 things... one of which said "local honey".

Here is what he brought back with him.

Notice the place of origin.


Well..... I'm just guessing here..... but I'm pretty sure that local honey from Argentina isn't gonna help a bit in dealing with Tiger Shark's allergies!


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