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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Special Celebration!!

Today marks a very special milestone…. My parents celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary today!  They live about 9 hours away, so I called them, and found out they celebrated with a fancy dinner out.  Beautiful restaurant, great view, delicious food!  Yay!  So in honor of them…. I am posting some photos of their wedding- 45 years ago.  They got married in the Bahamas, because at the time, my dad was working as the Assistant Director of Golf, at one of the resorts down there.  They looked stunning…Both of them!  Of course, I am very biased.  (The last photo is my favorite… )

mom ring wedding
mom and dad cake
mom and dad rice


SabrinaT said...

Your parents look very regal.. I bet they could teach us younger folks a thing or 2 about married life..

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