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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I know I won't have an opportunity to get on here with our busy schedule, so I thought I'd post a quick update while I have a moment. Pardon my recent posts and their lack of fluidity and proof reading. I have barely enough time to clean my bathroom, make my bed and ensure that Small Fry's teeth have been brushed well. That's my life these days.... :-D

HUGE PRAISE!! My FBI fingerprint clearance came on Monday! That was the last piece of the puzzle we needed for our court documents! Woohoo! The shocker was the FBI calling my home to let me know this and to give me the tracking number for the Monday delivery. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. So now I gather the remaining 2 documents from our local law enforcement offices, and have them all certified and apostilled and send them onto our agency. We are just waiting on a court date. New judge in this region, so we'll see how the court dates go, and all...

HEALTHY ME Update: I have started to follow the South Beach Diet, as my mom's cardiologist recommended this to her for her heart issues, as well as cholesterol and blood pressure issues. My cholesterol and triglycerides need to come down, and my blood pressure surprisingly is very good. So, I started the SBD not even two weeks ago. I had gained weight upon our return from Russia, so I had some taking off to do. I'll just state my total weight loss from the beginning of my healthy me start, (not since starting the SBD). 16 pounds are gone so far.... Yay! I have more to go, lots more... but it's going in the right direction. The SBD helps me in so many ways, but especially in cravings for carbs. My kids have also been a big help and have agreed that no more potato chips will enter the house. It's my biggest weakness and truly I am the one who eats them all. They are a huge red light food for me. I'm thankful the kids agreed and truly they want to see there Mama healthy more than anything.

Adoption Thoughts: I'm going through some feelings that I felt from my first adoption. I'm guessing they are fairly normal, but no one talks about it in adoption circles, (or at least rarely). You know those feelings, of "Can I love this child as much as my other children?" "Will I be able to bond with this little guy?" The King Fish assures me that its because he is so far away now, and I have time to think... but if he were here he has no doubts that I would naturally do what I do, and practically smother this child in love and affection. I'm sure he's right, in my mind I know he is... I guess I'm just thinking too much..... Please tell me you all have felt this before and maybe even after you picked up your child? Becky dear, if you read this chime in, as I always appreciate your transparency. :-)

That's all for now... I have been horrible with my dumb camera and it's the end of September and I have so few pictures of Small Fry it's ridiculous! Where in the world does the time go???



Troy and Rachel said...

Thanks for the update! It sounds as though you are busy, busy these days!! As for your fears of loving another child - I have them just thinking about another adoption so I think they are perfectly normal. I'm so glad your prints came in and all your documents can be sent - we'll be waiting for the post that says Court Date!!

Becky and Keith said...

Okay... I'm sending this again, cause blogger just freaked out on me. Please delete if you've already received it!

"Dear Becky"... is that me?? :-) And is that like "Dear Abby?" :-) Seriously though... first CONGRATS on the FBI prints! And even if I'm not the Becky you're talking about, here are my two cents.

Yes, yes, yes it is normal. I remember before bringing Andrew home having a complete freak out moment. The moment where you ask yourself what the heck you're doing. Where you start wondering if you can handle it, what it's going to disrupt in your every day life, the sacrifices, etc... It was weird because it hit me like a ton of bricks one day and like you, I think I was waiting for court. I think that as long as you have something to do or worry about (i.e. FBI clearance) you don't have time (or energy) to focus on the reality of it all.

As for once Andrew was home, there was definitely a lot of moments where I wondered if I made the right decision and if I could give Andrew the attention he needed. I will never, ever be hard on myself for feeling that way because I think it is normal. At the time, I felt like a horrible new parent even questioning this little boy but on the inside I was truly struggling with the loss of my routine and my "freedom". Heck, I had a new "normal".

For you, you've been through this with Small Fry BUT you're well aware that this new cutie pie is not Small Fry but will be totally different so your challenges will be different and your feelings/bonding will be different. So, so understandable. We have to remember that there is bonding on both sides that needs to happen - his and yours so it's a double stresser!

You are an awesome mom and you can handle anything thrown your way! Give yourself some time to stress about it - we're mom's it's what we do best and it gives us a free pass to eat chocolate (sorry - not a big helper with the Healthy Me, am I?? :-))

Big hugs! Hang in there and can't wait to hear what the little guys code name is as well as see his precious face!

Mama Fish said...

Ha ha! Becky of course it was you! Is there any other?? And naturally I can rely on your realistic and transparent input! Thanks so much... I will email you too...

Craig and Phyllis said...

Yipee for the FBI fingerprints! Wow, I remember those days of running to the Secretary of State's office to get apostiles and all. I think my stomach just started churning at those memories. : )

And I agree, I think it is natural to think about all the bonding issues, both yours and his. But, we do have a God that has been orchestrating all of this process. He will not abandon you once this little one joins the family. He is still intimately involved in our lives.

Can't wait to hear when the judge sets the court date!

Nekey said...

yay! What a positive post. I am happy for you.. things are going well. Thanks for the update!

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