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Monday, August 9, 2010


Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives…. Anybody remember that from the opening of that soap opera?  I’m pretty sure they have done away with that old introduction, but I couldn’t say.  I don’t watch soap operas anymore… I don’t have the time.  Actually I have young impressionable boys and soap operas are not exactly what I want them watching.  I was at an appointment the other day and the waiting area had a large TV on the wall.  A soap opera was playing and on the screen was some romantic bedroom scene.  I thought… “Hello!  Young boys in the room… don’t you have any sports or a young kids program??”  Perfect example of why we don’t watch soap operas.  My kids don’t need to see it. 

But that wasn’t what I intended to blog about.  That just came out because I was thinking about how quickly time sifts through an hourglass… and that made me think of the soap opera… which made me think of that waiting room with the boys… etc etc etc.  You get the picture.  What I am thinking about is how quickly time is flying by.  There are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Trust me I know… there are not.  This weekend The King Fish and I wrote almost 50 personal notes to family and friends for our fundraiser.  I am so proud of us for getting this done.  It took a lot of time as we shared our hearts about adoption and how we feel called to this process.   They are all set to be taken to the post office and mailed today.  I will feel great when that is accomplished.

This weekend I also went shopping at our local huge consignment sale.  Saturday was the 1/2 off sale and consignors got in at 8am.  Now I hate to rise early for anything… especially after only 5 hours of sleep from my note card writing… but I wanted to get some good deals.  I was mainly looking for new with tags items that would be appropriate to include in our Russian donation suitcase for the orphanage.  The children all share clothes there.. it’s communal and is passed down from child to child and re-worn many times over the years.  I found some great deals there.  The best was a Children’s Place snow suit size 18 months… brand new with price tags all still on it.  Retailed for $30… I got it for… get this… $3.50!!  Score!  I know they could use a snowsuit or two to put on the children they have to take to the doctors or hospital or anywhere outside the orphanage.  Now they will have one… in baby blue.  I also found a Columbia snowsuit for a little girl for $7.  Found practically new sturdy shoes too.  There are 3 more consignment sales in the coming weeks so I hope to add to my collection.  I got smart this time, and bought a used suitcase in really good condition for $5 at a yard sale.  We will fill it up with clothes and leave it with the orphanage.  One less piece of luggage on our final trip home.  (And no we haven’t gotten any news yet, I just know what to plan for…. so I am planning….  :-)  Below is a picture of my favorite item.  It’s a Fleurville Diaper Bag.  Retails for $119.  I would never ever buy such an expensive diaper bag.  I saw it with all the other diaper bags last Saturday for $25 but I wasn’t even willing to pay that.  It was very gently used…  and in really good condition.  I thought well if it’s there when I come back for the 1/2 off sale I’ll wait and get it then.  And I almost forgot about it while I was engrossed looking for clothes for my orphanage suitcase.  (I think we need to name this suitcase… something good… like Bag of Hope or Bag of Clothes… (okay that’s terrible… someone has a marketing mind out there.  I usually do, but my brain in fried from writing all my notes this weekend.  Anyhoo…. for the diaper bag!  yes, the very high end diaper bag… I paid $12.50 for it.  I LOVE that and I LOVE it!  Enough said period.

diaper bag

So back to talking about time.  We are supposed to start school tomorrow, and I am so not ready!  Last year at this time I was way more organized.  Maybe it’s the adoption… or something, but I am feeling crunched and a bit stressed and unprepared. I wrote a post about our schoolroom HERE… and I wrote a post about our curriculum HERE.  This year the schoolroom is covered with stuff and I have a huge pile of mailers waiting to exit the building.  I’m not even gonna start with curriculum.  I have almost all of it and I did do the first week’s schedule (thank goodness!)  Hopefully I’ll just ease into it today and we’ll start in more fully on Tuesday.  I still need to order a few books for Tiger Shark’s outside literature class.  This year they’ll be reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.  Good book…. as well as several more classics.  I had my master schedule all laid out too… and I am bummed that I do not have it finalized yet.  Tick tick tick… time is slowly ticking away. 

And with that I’ll end this post.  I need to try to accomplish 30 things on my list in a day that only has room for 15.  :-)

Happy Monday!


Barb said...

Hiya Jackie! Sorry I haven't commented in soooo long! A while back I caught a reference to your adoption and then I had to back read to find out you were adopting again! Congratulations! Anyways, as life settles back into a routine again, you'll hear from me more often:->

btw, have you posted somewhere on this blog how you learned to do all the redesign yourself? I'm still trying to figure out how to make mine look beter . . .

Craig and Phyllis said...

Hope your day has gone well! If you hold the hourglass sideways, I think your time will slow down! : ) Let me know if that works, then I'll use it, too.

I've been spending the day trying to get things figured out. I'm trying to do things in a Charlotte Mason way. Figured that would be the best way for the 3 boys. I have read about the workbox system and will give that a try. I think that will be a big help for the structure that my boys need. So just trying to figure out how to merge the two together for our family. THEN, I'll need to get some things ordered! Yikes, when does school start??!!! : )

Do you have a region yet?

Becky and Keith said...

Days of our Lives!!! Oh how I used to love that soap opera. I think I could turn it on tomorrow (after having not watched in 8 years!) and be able to pick right up where I left off... anyhow, I digress! :-) I know what you mean about time flying by. I've never in my life felt this so out of control. I know you'll pull school together - you're super mom!! :-) So excited about you adopting again too!

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