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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy… Glad… Relaxed…

Today has been a good day overall.  Schooling was the most relaxed it’s been in awhile.  I had an epiphany last night very late.  After two days of really struggling with my day dreamer child, it finally dawned on me that he may have some attention issues.  I know, duh.  He has always been my child whose mind can drift off and who can take the longest time to finish 5 math problems.  But because he doesn’t display any hyperactive or impulsive behavior… attention issues never really came to mind.  If he enjoyed something he would focus no problem.  I was researching my tail off last night and he really exhibits many symptoms.  So, I quickly came to the decision that we would be altering our teaching style to better fit his learning style.  My oldest son is very self motivated, and so he will continue to be taught by the way that is working best for him.  But we’ll be making some changes for Jabber Jaw.  I’m actually really excited about those changes.  I can’t wait for both of us to feel the “fun” of learning once again!  I am so grateful to have this opportunity to homeschool him and to teach to his learning style. 

On another note today we may have found a tennis coach for Tiger Shark.  I am SO excited about this!  He is reasonably priced too.  I prayed that God would find us a reasonably priced coach to work with and he has.  Tennis is an expensive sport, and this coach truly cares about the Jrs program and teaching kids for the future of the sport.  I love him already!  One of the best things (other than his great tennis coaching) is that he teaches on courts that are 10 minutes from my house.  That is awesome, as we won’t have to travel very far and can go even during the morning and take an hour away from school to play at the park.  Or I could bring some sand toys for Small Fry and a blanket and Jabber Jaw and I could do some school work together… since we’ll be doing kinesthetic teaching, throwing a ball while we memorize stuff sounds like a lot of fun!

Now, I just have to work history into our days.  It’s my toughest subject as I really do not have a love for it.  We are studying the second half of American History this year and will have an emphasis on the civil war.  This should be pretty hands on since we live in an area rich in civil war history.  I think I am going to have to pull the King Fish into this teaching.  It’s definitely his forte… and I think the boys would benefit greatly.  :-)

No news yet on  the adoption front… and thankfully the temperature has dropped a little in Russia.  I’m still praying for rain and cooler temps and for all those babies and children in the hot orphanages.  And I do have one prayer request that is high up on my list right now.  Please pray for my fingerprint clearance to come in the mail soon… and for the prints to be legible and for me to be cleared.  I really am concerned about this… as I had to send the prints in again and the woman who I spoke to on the phone said that it will take another 10-12 weeks to process these prints.  I’ve already waited 10 weeks for the first set.  I don’t want to wait another 10-12 weeks and then have them come back illegible and then have to send them in again for another 10-12 week wait.  I think I might lose it if that happens.  So please please pray that they come in the mail soon showing I’m cleared.  Thank you for your prayers!!  I’ll keep you posted on that process.



www.adventureswithaidan.org said...

I am so inspired by your Weight Watchers trek! I am soooo going back there! I have made my goal with Weight Watchers in the past (more than once) and know I can do so again. . .thank you for the inspriation. . .now if I could convince my husband to do the adoption thing again! So many children. . . .sigh. . .


Craig and Phyllis said...

I'll be praying for those fingerprints. Frustrating, isn't it. You already did this before, so why can't they just use the set from your previous adoption! But, no, that would make life too simple! : )

I'm ready to put some orders in today for our things we will be using for school. The 3 boys and I went shopping yesterday for some additional school supplies and got some carts for the workbox system I am going to be trying with them. We found out recently that two of our boys have attention problems. It is a nice thing to know!! : ) We are going to be focusing on American History, too, this year. The boys are wanting to learn about their new country.

Will be looking forward to hearing how your change of approach for Jabber Jaw will work. Praying it will be the perfect thing for both of you.

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