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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Wait…

I may eat my words here, but  I’m okay with the wait right now.  Maybe because we waited almost 2 years with another agency last time, and we were ready to travel to finally meet our Small Fry.  This time I have so many pans in the fire and we’re gearing up to start school in a few weeks.  The school systems in the south are trying to go almost year round with schooling here.  It’s crazy.  Seems like they just got out.  While we don’t send our kids to public or private school, we do try to follow the local school calendar. 
Anyway… I got sidetracked.  I was talking about the wait.  I know once we get the “call” the craziness that ensues.  Our life slips into a tailspin as we rush to get Visas, airline tickets and start our packing lists while juggling a family schedule with three active kids.  It can feel a little chaotic to this mom.  It reminds me of the second time I was pregnant and nearing the end.  I knew what to expect because I had been through it once.  I can’t say I was looking forward to the delivery… (but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the second birth was).  So, maybe that will be the case here too.  Each birth is different, each child is different and each adoption is different.  We’ll see how this adoption unfolds as we go through it.
I’m what I call cautiously optimistic.  Just excited enough to get my hopes up a little, and just realistic enough to guard my heart.  It’s a protective measure that I apparently use through out life.  I’m not even gonna “go there” today on why I do that. 
So there you go… waiting… but busy… with 3 boys here at home.


Craig and Phyllis said...

I was looking through your blog last week and couldn't find the post about the upcoming adoption. So, are you going back to Russia? What age are you expecting? Maybe you may just want to tell me where to look on your blog. : )

Troy and Rachel said...

Oh yes - "The Wait". I like to think the second time would be easier, but I'm not sure it would be!! Wishing you a short wait!

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