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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Cool Down

Doesn’t Small Fry look happy here!  He loved playing with the water. 

small fry water
Gee I wonder why??
small fry water 2

They all had so much fun together!


Tony and Dawn said...

Hey guys! I had no idea y'all were adopting again! Congratulations!!! I am so behind on my blog reading. We just got back Thursday night from meeting "our" little boy. You are one big step ahead of us - we do not have our 171 yet. I am going to call Monday and see what the hang-up is.

Hey, I converted our garage into a bedroom and I am NOT a carpenter!! My oldest son and I did pull it off. Took lots of sweat, a little blood (I'm not too good with a hammer)and many weekends.
Congratulations again!!!

Nekey said...

looks fun!

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