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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Day in my Life- - - What’s going on?

Trust me, I’m not sure you really want to know.  Hmmm.. let’s see here.  I guess I’ll just cover my day today. 
1.  Had to go get re-fingerprinted for the FBI because my first set of fingerprints were not legible or something like that.  I was slightly ticked because in our city the police department no longer does FBI fingerprinting.  The FBI has contracted out with UPS to do this sort of thing.  But there is only one UPS store in the entire city that does the black ink type of prints (which we need) and they basically said for me to roll my own prints.  Yeah, not good for someone like me who is fingerprint challenged.  I had a feeling it was coming back.  I just did.  The King Fish’s prints sailed right through.  So today Small Fry and I went back to get the fingerprints re-done.  Nice.  The manager helped roll my prints this time.  Hopefully this time they will be legible.   I need a CSI team or something to do this for me.  Where are they when I need them?
2.  The air conditioning in my van conked out yesterday in 100 degree heat.  So I dropped it off at the service dept to see what was wrong with it.  I was thinking it might be something small.  Not so.  The entire system has pretty much blown up with a metal corrosive contaminating everything.  Not exactly what I was hoping to hear.  Nor the amount it will take to fix it.  $4000.  Uh, yes there are three zeros after that number four.  So we are trying to decide whether it would even be worth it to fix.  We can’t afford a low mileage used van, not with our upcoming adoption expenses.  So, we’re gonna pray about it.  For now the King Fish will take my van to work and we will drive the air conditioned vehicle.  He’s out of town often enough and takes a company car so that will not impact either of us too much, until we figure out what to do. 
3.  I was driving his truck today (think large behemoth vehicle).   He did not receive a registration renewal notice in the mail back In January when he car needed to be renewed.  He’s been driving without it being renewed for 6 months now.  (Livin’ on the edge of danger).  I thought with my luck I’ll be the one who is stopped by law enforcement officials with an expired registration and tags.   So today I got the emissions tested and took that big monster in to have it’s registration renewed.  It was one bright part of my day, and it blessed him immensely.  He even made dinner for us because of it!  (Yay!)
4.  The second small blessing was sending off our application to Lifesong for Orphans.  We are applying to participate in their fundraising program.  Basically you fill out quite a bit of paperwork on your financial status and an application and send it to them.  If approved we will be able to have friends and family, and friends of friends etc. etc, donate to our adoption fund and receive a tax deduction for doing so.  Lifesong for Orphans handles all the collecting and keeps track of everything so that we can write thank you notes.  They send a check directly to our adoption agency when the funds become due.  I’m really hoping that we get approved, and if so I’ll be posting information on our blog so anyone who reads here can donate if they feel led to do so.  I can’t tell you how long the application process took to complete.  It was time consuming!  I’m glad it’s all in the mail!
5.  I paid a bill today in town, and saved .42 cents!  Isn’t that great?  Only $3999.58 left to fix the van if we so choose.  (Slight sarcasm there if you can’t tell).
6.  Oh did I mention that we went to Six Flags to celebrate Tiger Sharks birthday and went on that raging rapids ride.  Small Fry did too and he and The King Fish got soaked the worst!  But what I didn’t know at the time was that my camera was in the King Fish’s pocket and it is now toast.  Totally toast.  So I have no pictures to show you lately, and I’m not sure when we will get a new camera.  When it rains it pours. 
7.  I think that’s all for now.  On a good note the King Fish’s job is going well.  That is one huge answer to prayer.  He is scheduled for projects through February 2011 so far…. and we’ll hear about another job that may take him into May 2011.  God is taking care of us, and I know He will take care of the adoption expenses, our van, and even our camera.  I just need to trust Him. 


Nekey said...

Wow! $4k? That's insane. Glad you at least have something you can drive with air conditioning though. :)

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