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Monday, June 21, 2010

Some more info…

Nice title huh?  Well, there really isn’t a whole lot of info to give.  We are just in the waiting process now.  We got our I-171H and hopefully soon we’ll get our FBI clearance. 
For those who were asking… we are hoping to adopt one more little boy.  Our oldest two have such a close relationship and we really hope for that for Small Fry and this new little one.  Not that the older two and Small Fry aren’t bonded… because they definitely are.  It’s just that they are….. older;  7 and 8 years older.  Being older they can do lot’s of things that Small Fry can not.  But he wants to do everything the big boys do, so badly!  He often gets frustrated.  The other day when they were doing some activity that would be too dangerous for him…. he said, “Mommy I do such and such?”  When I told him, “Not now, but maybe when you’re older…”  He looked at me and made muscle arms and said,  “But Mommy, I strong and mighty!”  Oh my goodness, I just wanted to eat him up, he was so precious!
It will be nice for him to be the big brother and feel like he can teach his younger brother how to play things.  We are praying earnestly for that natural bond to develop and that Small Fry’s nurturing side would come out as a new little one is brought into the home. 
So what else can I tell you?  Well, the little boys will share a room and we may be re-working our living space to give the big boys their own rooms.  They are really looking forward to that and the possibility of designing their own space.  I see lots of sports posters etc. in each room.  My husband just informed me what a fathead was.  Apparently it is a large (like 6 or 7 feet tall) vinyl image of a favorite sports figure.  I can see that happening in the boys rooms…. The King Fish wants to put one of Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins on the wall in the garage.  Hmmm… I’ll have to get back to you on that one.
And speaking of the garage… I just saw this awesome design on HGTV of a renovated garage space, and I wish I had implemented some of the ideas.  Their garage was definitely larger than ours, I think it’s called oversized.  But I may still implement one cool idea.  Corrugated metal tracks to hide stuff.  The King Fish said to “Go ahead and take the lead on that one…”  Ha ha!  He knows I can’t do it without him.  But he better watch out because one day I just might try.  :-)  We still need to put up coat/backpack racks and clear junk out.  I keep saying it, but a few more weekends and we’ll be there. There are a ton of little details to handle, and quite frankly now that the ping pong table is in there we keep getting distracted with the game playing. 
So that’s all for now… we are keeping busy this summer.  School is very slow moving, but lots of reading is happening.  Tiger Shark started tennis lessons and is loving it.  All the boys may be starting swim lessons again soon.  And hopefully we’ll hear news of a small little one to add to the fishbowl.  Any pseudo blog name ideas out there??  I’d love to hear them.  Tiger Shark, Jabber Jaw, Small Fry and _______??


Susan said...

I may just have to make a special trip over there to see your garage!

How about Minnow? Guppy? Koi? Moonbeam?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a little more info. It's not nice to leave people hanging like that. ;-) Congrats to you and your family. I can't wait to follow this journey along with you.

Melissa said...

Wow! What a surprise. I am so excited for you. The little conversation is adorable. Can't wait until Mike and I can have a conversation like that too.

Carey and Norman said...

Wow, another boy. That is wonderful. I love little boys and completely understand your reasoning to bring another boy into the mix. I hope that Small Fry will adore his new brother and they will be like two peas in a pod!!

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