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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neglected, Ignored, Forgotten….

These words apply to my poor blog.  There is so much to write, and yet I really struggle with transparency.  Not in real life, but in blogdom.  And not in a way that makes me want to portray everything all perfect etc.  That’s not it at all…. I’m just really struggling with privacy issues, and slowly recognizing that once you make things public, or you put yourself out there… that privacy is hard to get back.  Almost like squeezing all the toothpaste out, and then trying to put it back in the tube.  I love blogging and have no intention of stopping, but that has been my feeling and conviction lately. 
As to what we have been up to, well a whole lot of stuff!  This weekend our home school organization is having a used book sale.  So, I am cleaning out the homeschool room and beyond in order to get rid of some stuff.  I have 3 containers full of stuff to sell!  Crazy!  And while I look forward to the used book sale, it’s bittersweet because this will be the first year that I will not be with my sister at her huge homeschool convention in Virginia.  We were talking about it today, and I think this is only the second time we have not been together for a convention since we began home schooling 6 years ago.  I am so going to miss her, and the awesome sale at her convention.  I typically spend 3 hours in there at that used book fair totally buying all the books I need for the year.  It’s awesome!  I hope to definitely go back next year! 
Garage Update:  we are continuing to work on it.  We found a ping pong table, and everyone is loving having that in there.  Lots of fun games to be had between that and our air hockey table.  We are still working on the lighting in there and the cooling.  It’s not air conditioned and it can get pretty darn hot.  Ceiling fans aren’t cutting it like I’d like them too.  We also still need to hang a coat rack and backpack rack, and hang some sports memorabilia on the walls.  Plus a family from our church is giving us a foosball table so we need to find a place for that as well.  It’s definitely game room central!  Now I wish I could get rid of some more of the clutter!
I have also rediscovered a passion for yard sales.  I went with a girlfriend two weeks ago and found some great items.  I found 16 matching drinking glasses for 4.00, and a great hockey framed picture with a motivational saying for the game room.  It was $1 and it’s beautifully framed.  Amazing!  My girlfriend found a fabric covered chaise chair for $10!  Only ten dollars!  I went out this past weekend to a neighborhood yard sale and I found two practically brand new Safety First bed rails (for Small Fry when he is in a bigger bed), and they were $1 each.  Plus I found two Pottery barn magazine box holders for 50 cents each.  It was a really good yard sale day!  I can’t wait to head out to my next one and see what kinds of treasures I can find.
The boys are enjoying their summer.  I am trying to plan activities like free bowling, free movies, library time, and of course swimming at the pool.  We still do light school work, but even I have to say that it’s been super light this week as we have really enjoyed swimming.  Both boys have been busting out there summer reading and I am super proud of them.  We are planning a few fun activities and trips this summer as well.
Small Fry has been doing great!  (This week)  Last week he seemed to be a mess.  :-)  He loves to be on the go… and last week I was more of a home body.  But this week we have been much more active.  He does so much better with that… even if it’s a few shopping trips.  He loves the pool, and riding his bike.  He loves reading books at the library and bringing more home to read.  He really listens and is engaged, and of course I love to see that!  I’m slowly wrapping my head around doing a little bit more school-wise with him next year.  Totally still keeping everything light and fun, but perhaps with just a little more structure.  We all seem to do better when our day is more structured. 
I have also been enjoying the ladies’ Bible study that meets at my house.  I just host it, and thankfully I have a friend who leads the group each week.  It’s been so good… and even though getting ready can be hectic and even harried some nights, I look forward to it every week.  (The bible study not the hectic part)  :-)
The King Fish should be in town all next week, and so that should be good.  It’s always nice to have him in town… though it’s an adjustment for the family too.  We're looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day and Tiger Shark’s birthday this month as well.  It should be busy!
So there’s an update on us… and my poor blog can feel a little less neglected. 
I’ll leave you with a picture of Small Fry last year at this time (the photo on top) and one from this year.  He’s growing up!

may 2009 001         small fry 028


Mamosa said...

Lovely shoes there, Small Fry!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

I have been REALLY convicted about privacy lately as well...that is really intersting...I have even thought about going on a blog break or making the blog private...but I doubt I will...private that is...

Dede said...

What a difference in the photos! I hope his shoe style has improved too. ;-)

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