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Monday, May 31, 2010

DIY Design- Show Your Team Spirit!!

We are big sports fans here.  With The King Fish and three boys, how could we not be?  We like all kinds of sports and we all have several favorite teams.  One of my IRL friends has this idea in her kitchen.  It’s  a border of black chalkboard paint above her cabinets and near the ceiling.  She and the kids take turns drawing and decorating with all kinds of colorful chalk.  Whenever they have special occasions or get the urge  to change things up, they just take a wet rag and erase the previous design, and then create a new one. 
I thought this would be an excellent way to show our team spirit in the garage!  I mean, it’s not permanent (the drawings that is), so we can switch it up anytime that we like.  Plus it’s an inexpensive way to add a fun design, and my boys loved to create this.
Here is the King Fish painting the black chalkboard border.  We only used two walls in the garage, as the rest were full to the top with storing tools and bikes etc.   
Garage May 2010 011
Here are the boys just beginning to work on their team drawings and masterpieces with lots of chalk.  It’s a good thing we took Art this year, as it provided us with lots different colored chalks to use. 
Garage May 2010 013

Tiger Shark and his drawing of the #88, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Garage May 2010 015
Jabber Jaw pleased with his Pittsburgh Penguins drawing.  I’m still bummed about the Pens losing in the Stanley Cup playoffs to the #8 seed.  But we won’t talk about that.
Garage May 2010 014
Jabber Jaws finished product.
Garage May 2010 023
Tiger Shark cheers for Andy Roddick.  Jabber Jaw cheers for Roger Federer, but he wasn’t quite important enough to make the wall.  Poor Roger.
andy r crop
Jabber Jaw’s NBA team is the Boston Celtics.  (Mine too, and Aunt Lisa’s)
Garage May 2010 017

I don’t have a photo of him next to his drawing, but Tiger Shark is an LA Lakers fan. (So is the King Fish)
Garage May 2010 022
We are a house divided for the upcoming NBA finals! 
house divided-crop.jpg
So there you go… an easy and fun way to show your team spirit!


Barb said...

I love it! When our oldest were little, and we lived in Canada, I wanted to paint one of the walls in the rec room with chalkboard green paint (and paint gym lines on the floor) but it never happened:-<

Lisa said...

Love it! Go Celtics!!!!

Troy and Rachel said...

What a great idea!!! I bet sports times are great fun for you all being ina divided house! Healthy competition!

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