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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Update- by Small Fry

I realized that it's been quite a while since I did an update on Small Fry, so here is one from the little guy himself:
small fry crop
Hi guys!
Mommy told me that I was going to tell an update about what's been going on here:
Daddy is away at work a lot.  I always ask Mommy, "When Daddy home?" and she tells me in a few more days.  I miss my daddy.  When he comes home I run to him and jump in his arms.  He tickles me and makes me laugh. 
Mommy has been taking me and brothers to the park sometimes.  It's so much fun!  There are other friends there and we play and run.  We sometimes play hide and seek and we all count together.  Mommy loves to see it, and it makes her smile.  I heard her saying on the phone something about it to her friend.   How "all the kids look out for their little siblings and play together".    She likes to see that I guess... cause she got all these tears  in her eyes. 
My brothers like to play with me, we make up games all the time.  One day we played, "Pow-Wow"...  we used some bongo drums and I don't even know what it was all about.  But I had so much fun with my brothers!  Sometimes we play under a tent, and we pretend to camp.  I don't get that either... but I like hiding in the tent with them and having flashlights to shine all around.  Sometimes my brothers have to do school too.  I don't like it when they can't play.  Sometimes I get frustrated and mad....That's when mommy calls me in and explains things to me.  She can talk a lot.  I don't like those explaining times.  But I listen.... and obey. 
My favorite toys lately are my sand and water table and my riding bikes.  I love to play in the sand and water with my trucks and boats.  Sometimes though I just make a big muddy mess.  Moms says that's okay, and something about being a boy.  I like riding in all my cars and bikes on the driveway.  I learned how to ride this thing call a big wheel or something.  I can't figure out the bike with those training wheels.  It's not working yet.  And now the training wheels broke, so daddy will have to fix it.   Whenever something breaks, Mommy says, "Don't worry, Daddy will fix it".   I think he can fix just about anything.  He's a good dad.
I am always telling Mommy this:  "I love you Mommy."  It makes her get a big smile on her face.  She can have her frustrated face on, and then I will surprise her and say, "I Love you Mommy", and her face totally changes.   She walks right over and gives me a big kiss and hug and tells me she loves me too... so much!  Yeah, I think I'm getting the hang of this stuff. 
Well, I have more to say, but I'm tired of telling all about it.  Mom can tell you about the rest.  I have to go watch Thomas on PBS Sprout!
Small Fry


Melissa said...

Very cute. Thank you for the update Small Fry. You are getting so big and just so adorable. Mommies love to hear you say, "I love you", it makes us very happy.

Anonymous said...


Troy and Rachel said...

Thanks Small Fry for the update!! I think the tent and the flashlights sound awesome. Daniel likes to fall asleep clutching his flashlight so I usually have to pry it out of his hands - glad you all are doing well!! Kepp telling your Mommy how much you love her!!

Becky and Keith said...

Such an elegant little writer! :-) Little boys LOVE their mommies and I'm so glad your mommy knows that!

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