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Friday, April 16, 2010

Home Way from Home

Just a quick note to say we are here visiting the King Fish at his home away from home. We haven't actually been to the job site, because of security and liability reasons for the kids... so we'veholed up in the hotel.

Last night the kids ate at their favorite Chinese Buffet restaurant. They were in heaven on earth! Too funny! They are amazed at the concept of "all you can eat", and "
whatever you want to eat. " Well, everyone but Small Fry, who has been a bit of a grumpy bug ever since we arrived. His whining and pouting have been in full form since we got here. So much fun! Not. The big boys are old enough to sit at the table with Small Fry and all eat, so The King Fish and I took a "walking date" all around the restaurant. Actually it's a big open space so we could see the kids where we were. We laughed as we walked hand in hand... for about 10 minutes we just enjoyed the two of us until we got back to the table. Can you tell we need a date night badly??? I was supposed to work on that right??

We are attempting to school in the hotel room, and I have to say... "Thank you Lord for my house, and for activities in different rooms to occupy Small Fry!" Can you tell it's been a little difficult? The King Fish just came back to the hotel and
bless the man he took all the kids for lunch to McDonald's. Yay! I can get cleaned up a bit and get ready for the afternoon school and a quick shopping trip with all my guys. Hopefully that will be a big enough diversion for everyone, and he'll be back this evening before you know it.

They have a pool here so we'll be hanging out at the pool this evening and maybe dining in. Then it's back home again tomorrow...

It's a quick trip, but I know he appreciated just being able to be with his family. So it's all very worth it!


Barb said...

Glad you are getting to spend time with the King Fish . . . the walk around the restaurant sounded so sweet. Thanks for the previous post on the song - I needed that (a little perspective).

Becky and Keith said...

Awww... I love you guys! A date around the Chinese restaurant - it doesn't get much sweeter than that! If you ever want me to drive your way to hang out with your kids so you can go on a REAL date, you just let me know - I'll be more than glad! I've wanted to take Andrew to the aquarium there anyway so we'll make a trip out of it! I'm glad you're making lemonade out of the lemons you're faced with since King Fish has been working so hard! It's not easy, I'm sure! Hang in there and tell grumpy pants that Andrew is grumpy too! :-) Maybe it's the pollen??

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