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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laundry Mom --- A new superhero??

Many of you already know this about me… but some do not.  Here’s the deal…
I am the world’s biggest laundry procrastinator
I think I could win a title. 
I just detest doing it. 
I’m going to let you in on another little secret… The King Fish does most of the laundry here in the house.
By doing the laundry, I mean throwing it in the washer and dryer.  Then he brings it to the living room and dumps it on the couch.  I fold it.  And I actually enjoy folding it! 
But he’s home mainly on weekends.  And sometimes we run out of clothes before then.  Like if my kids need a pair of clean shorts, or a t-shirt… or socks.  (which the match is always missing anyway). 
So, today Tiger Shark drew a picture for me, and I cracked up when I saw it!  I had no idea what he was drawing or even that it was for me.  But I told him to “hang it on the fridge!”
I laugh every time I see it! 
Evidently he’s very aware of my penchant for laundry procrastination…. 

laundry crop


Susan said...

I LOVE it!!! Laughing with you!!

Barb said...

THAT is funny;->

Melissa said...

Very cute. I don't like laundry much either but I must be Laundry Mom! Now I have no excuse not to do it. The delivery men just brought the new washer. Old one busted mid-cycle, full of water and clothes on Monday!

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

Jackie, your kids just crack me up!

I REALLY think you should send the "Jesus Loves Me" video to AFV - it's a ringer for the $10,000 prize!

Anonymous said...

Now, that's funny!

Flamingo said...

oh i do it...i just don't fold it:) lol

hey...how did you get the nice font titles? i like that. is it an html thing?

Karen said...

Hahahahaha!! I love it!! He could get inspiration at my house for the exact same super hero ;)

Nekey said...

Love it!!! I often call my laundry Mt. Washmore.

Becky and Keith said...

How about this? I will wash and dry your clothes and you can fold mine?? I detest folding - especially whites. My whites will pile up for weeks until no one has socks left. :-) Your kids are hilarious - what an awesome picture and it's definitely fridge material!

I'm just now catching up on blogs and I think you may have motivated me to clean my garage so "THANKS"!

Anonymous said...

This is great!!!! I want one for my fridge. I love how it says just get it done.

I'm ok with putting the laundry in the machine and getting it dry....I hate folding and putting it away. xo

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