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Monday, April 5, 2010

Garage Ideas and Update

Well, the garage organization is still moving along slowly.  It’s a lot of work, I’ll say that!  It’s also hard to figure out exactly where we’ll be putting things, since some things will be leaving our garage.  (Through yard sales and various means).  The work bench is just about complete, it just needs to be cleaned up and the tools put away.  I’m going to tell you now that The King Fish won the battle of the black shelves.  I wanted to get rid of two of those and use one for the boys sports equipment etc.  Well, we kept the one I wanted to use, but we also moved one closer to the King Fish’s workbench.  He has stored his larger tools on it, some tool boxes, and at the very top a couple of deer antlers.  He wanted to hang them on the wall….
um… “No”
He said hunting is a sport and it would fit right in with the garage sports theme. 
Again… um…. that may be true, but… “No”. 
I think of our old neighbors, whose husband went bow hunting in Canada and got himself a nice big bear.  Their family room proudly displayed that life size stuffed bear standing up near the fireplace.  StandingHuge!  Bless that woman….. 
How did I get from the garage to hunting?  Good grief!  Back to our garage….
So, we’ve hung pegboard, and hung others devices for getting all kinds of toys, tools and lawn and garden equipment off the ground.  The two tables are almost cleared off too.  Okay, well maybe not, but I can see the table again, and a few days ago I couldn’t even see it!   For awhile there I was muttering to the King Fish about how I couldn’t believe that with all  the work we did the garage actually looked worse!  I guess it has to get worse before it gets better… and better it will be.
I’m going to paint the walls in the garage too.  I’m still thinking of a paint color.  The King Fish wants nothing dark.  As a matter of fact, he suggested the palest beige, almost white.  I replied that if that was the color choice, we should just leave the walls white.  I too can’t go crazy bold with color.  It’s completely out of my nature.  So, a tan wall may be in store.  I’m looking for a medium tan color so I can hang lots of Professional team signs.  My boys like different teams and they are all different colors,  (ie: Penguins, Braves, Jets, Astros, Eagles, Dolphins) so it should work with a neutral base. 

I’ve been searching online for garage/game room ideas. While ours will still have an abundance of tools; they should mostly be out of the way.   Anyway here  are a few of the photos of DIY garage remodeling projects that I found.

This one is a 50’s retro garage.  I actually like the look but not for our theme. 
I like the round tables and bar stools, and the signs of the wall.
garage idea4
This one is another bold blue color.  I definitely won’t be using either one of these paint colors for our garage.  But here are some areas I like.  Love the ceiling fan, it looks sort of industrial and like it could withstand a bunch of boys playing in their everyday.  I also like the curtain, it softens it up a bit.  I like the shelves for closed storage and the built in seating area for after school work.  I also like the mini fridge too.  :-)
garage idea 4
 Here is another photo of that same remodel.  In this one I love the framed chalkboard on the wall.  It looks like they used chalkboard paint.  We already own that, since we have two framed boards in our kitchen.  This will be a feature I add to the garage for keeping score during their games. Very cool idea!
garage idea3
The photo below is probably closer to the wall color I would choose.  I think the floor was painted with an epoxy too.  That won’t even be happening in our garage.  I’m lucky the King Fish agreed to paint the walls and consider ceiling fans…. I’m sure the floor paint would be nixed.  (At least for now)   
garage tan
Now remember that all  these photos show no garage tools.  They have been completely made over into game rooms.  We have to use the space for a dual purpose, so while I would love my garage to look this good, it will never be that great, because of all our tool storage.  Which is okay… really.  As long as it’s more organized, and I can actually walk through it without tripping over everything!
Finally here is my favorite garage remodel.  It isn’t a game room…. the woman turned it into a studio for art maybe?  It is so pretty… I loved all that her husband did to it!  It’s hard to imagine it was ever a garage!
 green do it
green do it 2
green do it 3


Barb said...

I liked the wall colour in the Coors garage too, but I really liked the idea of the 2-tone in the first one - and I think the angled stripes like that looked like pennants. . .

Mama Fish said...

Good point Barb- I didn't see that! They definitely have more wall space than I will have though. Definitely! I should have one wall where I can "decorate". The rest will be storage. Tons and tons of storage.

Mamosa said...

I love the bottom one...but it's a garage?! Oh my word! It's too pretty to be a garage. And I know what happens when I put my van in garage: even the minimal exhaust would eventually soot things up over time...and I am NOT routinely dusting the garage!

Karen said...

I am in love with the bottom garage!!! Where did you find it??

Mama Fish said...

Karen- I found it on HGTV's Rate My Space, under Garages. I can't tell you where exactly as there were 68 pages worth! Its my favorite too! But not happening in this garage. (I wish!) :-)

Kim Abraham - Mom to the Fabulous Five! said...

I love the idea of a clean and organized garage (a concept which has evaded me my entire life), but my question is "How do keep all the unwelcome critters, bugs, and spiders out - not to mention the dust, dirt and grime?" We just cleaned our garage last week and you'd never know it today. And what about parking your car - does anyone ever actually use their garage for parking their car. We sure don't. LOL!

I can't wait to see your finished product.

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