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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi there....

Gosh, this thing that I type on and put my thoughts into is a blog. Hmmm... Nice to know! I've been ignoring it for a week or so, too busy to write, and quite frankly not motivated to do so either. Same with Facebook. But I love to comment on peoples' blogs. So, I'm still out here in blogland commenting away.

I just love comments. Giving them I mean. Well, getting them too, but that can be infrequent. It's not that I feel I have a lot to say, I just want people to know I am reading their blog, and perhaps I can encourage them, or empathize with them or even pray for them. I'm an encourager at heart... what can I say???

So anyway, this post is to let folks know that I'm still around. I have several things I want to share about some things we are doing at home that I LOVE. (NOt remodeling... Oh how I wish!) I just have to upload the photos first on my blog. I am also working on a blog change up, but I am so technologically unsavvy, (is that a word?)... it may take me awhile to figure out the programming and what I want to do.

Hopefully I will have an update on our life very soon. (Well as soon as my hubby returns the camera to the house so I can upload those photos!)

Be Blessed,


Troy and Rachel said...

So glad you're hanging in there! I've been lax about my blog lately too. I guess life just takes over. I'm not giving it up, just haven't had much going on lately that's blogworthy!!

Can't wait hear more about the changes!

Karen said...

I'm glad you're still out there :) And, I love it when you comment on my blog too!!

Melissa said...

Ohhh. I am now curious and can't wait for photos. I love comments too. I try to leave them, even just to say hi. I like to get them to know that others have read my blog. Silly but fun and a great way to keep in touch.

Carolynn and Steve said...

So glad to hear that things are ok. Sometimes the blog is the LAST thing that I have time to do, and it suffers. There's still a whole bunch of stuff about our crazy Russia trips that I want to post, but there just never seems to be the time to do it justice.

Hugs from me!

Flamingo said...

if on your death bed someday, i'm sure you won't remember your lack of blogging:) lol so glad to know you are doing well:)

Nekey said...

So glad you are still around. I enjoy reading your blog.

Becky and Keith said...

Hey you! I'm still here reading but am SO behind. I love your posts but understand the "not enough time in the day" issue. Seen my blog lately? :-) One thing I have been doing is writing a few in Windows Live Writer when I have a few moments (or thoughts) and scheduling them to post every few days. When I get on a roll, I have to monopolize on it because it doesn't happen often! :-) Hope you guys are staying warm!

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